Multiple Questions with Wyze Monitoring

Hi Community, I just got my home monitoring and installed it. I am currently using Frontpoint. Below are things have seen that is different and wondering how people got around it (If any). I will try to update question with answers for others if I see any.

1. Silent countdown during status change
          I just switched "Home" to 0seconds base on other community suggestions.
2. Beep during entry sensor change (Door sensors)
               Solved this using Alexa routine. I was about to set Alexa to announce a specific door name which was nice. If anyone knows how to do the same with google devices (I have one echo in the whole house while each room have google mini)
3. Multiple entry codes for family members - Each member of the house have their own code and we can use it to track who disable an alarm. Just like password, never to be shared.
4. Guest mode temp pin (Will be nice to give guest a temp pin with date/time auto disable instead of sharing our main code)
5. Send email/text if sensor left open (door/garage) -
6. Setup hub on wireless (currently on wired)
   7.   If internet goes down or power, will Wyze still work? What protection do you get during this period?

#6 is pretty simple. Unplug the ethernet wire. Press the hub reset button. Go into the app and add the hub again. Make sure the hub powered.

Welcome to the forums! Let me see if I can touch on a few of these.

#3 and #4. There is an existing wish list item that talks about your #3 and #4 questions.

#5. If you go into the individual sensor that is on your garage door, you can set the app notifications to notify you if it is open for a certain amount of time or closed for certain amount of time. The Wyze app does not email or text, only in app notifications. These settings are independent of the HMS system. Ex:

#7. The HMS system needs internet signal to work. The Sense hub itself does have a battery backup, but it still needs an active internet connection at its location to communicate out.

Thanks. Tried it and the hub connected back in-app but not updating sensor information. Do I need to remove all sensors and re-add? Also my Alexa routine not working again.

Yes. I had same problem. Re-add them.

I waited about 6hrs without having to re-add and they all synchronized again.

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