Home Monitoring Alarm not working [solved]

Hello! I set up my home monitoring recently (again, after moving). The Sense Hub has all lights on, app is set to Home. The alarm countdown is set to 30 seconds for Entry and Exit on both Home and Away. The entry sensor is installed on my door.

Last time it was set up, it would chime loudly for 30 seconds whenever I opened the door, letting me know to disarm before Noonlight was contacted. Now, I am not getting this at all. Again, the Sense Hub has all lights on, so I know it’s working, and the entry sensor is on the door. Am I missing a part of the set-up to trigger the alarm? When I open the door, the Hub makes a small noise of recognition, but no alarm countdown.

I don’t have the HMS, but I know you have to tell it which sensors are “armed”.

Pay attention to the “set up your alarm triggers” section.


…oh wow, you’re right. I missed a step. (I’ll spell it out in case anyone else runs into this) Already having it set up, I go into Home Monitoring Settings, Home & Away, and add the sensors to the list. That was the missing link. Thank you!!


Had the same problem and called Wyze and they did not fix my problem. Only reading this finally fixed it. Thanks for the questions and answers.