Motion sensors and entry sensors no longer working with monitoring system

I have a motion sensor, a v2 motion sensor and 2 entry sensors that are no longer working with the Wyze alarm system. Have had alarm system since February with no problems until now. Alarm system will set but sensors won’t trigger alarm if you walk in front of or open a door. Contacted Wyze and they told me to delete and reinstall all sensors. I did and no luck. They are sending my problem up the chain to see what the problem is. The entry sensors will send a notification when the door is open or closed but won’t trigger the alarm. The motion sensor has stopped working all together. Has this happened to anyone else?

Have you verified you have the sensors included in the home/away settings? Please forgive a stupid question, but, are you arming the system in home or away mode to test?

Yes, I sure did. I heard back from Wyze and they had me delete and reinstall both the smart hub and keypad and when I did that and reinstalled all sendors, that worked. Weird that they all just stopped but seems to be working now.

After all of these years, standard reply to disconnect all your items and reinstall them again is simply not workable. Many are in raised and hard-to-reach places and somewhat have to be brought closer to the Wi-Fi or base unit to be reinitialize. It is really up to Wyze to do better programming and Alpha Testing

Yes, it sure was a pain. I had to completely reset the entire home monitoring system again but I’m thankful that did the trick.

Here’s hoping you don’t have to do it again. But, you’d at least know what to do…

My contact sensors stopped working. Rebooted many times. Replace with other other contact sensors I had. Still didn’t work. No longer sold. I suspect it is because they want to sell security monitoring system. I got one on eBay which worked.

I assume you are talking about the V1 sensors that use the camera bridge. Two reasons for discontinuing production. First, if the battery gets too low or fails the sensors are bricked and unusable due to loss of the MAC in memory. Second, Wyze released the new V2 sensors which are the replacements. Currently the V2s are only available with WHMS but will eventually be sold stand alone, but no date has been set.

It was a unnearving thinking you have a working security system only to find out it wasn’t working after all! When you set the alarm and it tells you system is arming…you trust that it is!

Just curious, did the sensors appear in the list of active devices in the monitoring screen? I haven’t used my system much but remember seeing a list of cameras and sensors that had green dots (I think) to show them as active under the home or away armed status.

Yes they sure did. The only way we knew it wasn’t working was when after we had set the alarm and left and closed the door, upon our return when you open the door there is a beeping (couting down until the alarm activates) and there wasn’t any beeping. Hopefully this is just a fluke!

I’m in the same boat, all sensors just stopped working this morning.

If you have the monitoring security system, you’ll have to delete the hub and keypad, which will delete the senors you have tied to it and start all over again. I hope it works for you!

I seem to have to do this with almost every update. It’s getting ridiculous.