Wyze Home Monitoring compatibility with older hardware

I’ve ordered the Home Monitoring core kit and am excited to get it. I was wondering if my current Wyze contact sensors and motion sensors will still be able to be used. Will they connect to the Home monitoring system or will they work separately from the Home Monitoring system. Also, since there is a limit to how many cameras you can use with the Home Monitoring System, what happens to my other Wyze cameras? Will the extra hardware become useless?

The v1 sensors will connect to the new hub meaning you can stop using the bridge. The drawback is they will still only work for automations, they will not trigger an alarm. Only the v2 sensors will trigger the alarm. Hope that answers your question.


Thanks! That answers it.

Hmm, do we know if that is a software lock? Doesn’t make sense why the old ones won’t work except it is disabled on purpose.

Why was it never stated when I purchased the Home Monitoring system that I could not purchase additional sensors separately?

I cannot use the system with the start up kit ONLY.

How do I suspend the service until I can purchase additional sensors to protect my home?

Only option currently is to purchase an additional monitoring system to add the sensors that I need. That’s ridiculous.

I just got my Home monitoring kit today and when I activated it all of my old sensors show as offline in the app. Door sensors and motion sensors are offline. I’ve deleted them since they don’t work with the home monitoring system. Kind of a shame since I just recently replaced the batteries in them. Now I have a bunch of old sensors. IT would be nice if Wyze came up with a way to continue to use them the way they did with the cameras and the Wyze car.

The old sensors work with both the old bridge and the new hub. I would suggest you go to the hub setting and re-add the old sensors again. It will work like before.

Only draw back is that you can’t use them for the home monitoring alarm like the new V2 sensors. Which make zero sense to me.

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Thanks. I’ll give that a try. I’m going to play with the system for a few days in test mode before I take it live. I also have to get my family used to using it as well.

I completely agree with Limac et al.: if the Hub can see and connect to V1 sensors then why not allow it to take actions when they’re triggered??

Frankly, the V1 motion sensors are better for my needs than the V2: V2 has a small, sharply-angled detection zone, so you get almost no coverage unless you mount it quite high, and even then it doesn’t reach very far. If I do that then it can’t see through a doorway into the next room, due to the angle. The V1 sensor has a much larger and more direct detection zone, so I can place it about 6’high and it’ll see through several rooms.

I’d really like to use V1 sensors with the Hub, despite their other drawbacks. I too suspect that it’s just a software design decision and could be changed with an update. Can anyone from Wyze weigh in on this?

If the V1 sensors really have a hardware incompatibility then why even allow them to be added to the Hub in the first place, since that doesn’t actually add any value??


It at least adds the value of not having to buy any more bridges.

I know it was stated all over this forum when it was released that the sensors were not available as a stand alone item and there was not an ETA as when they would be. When purchasing the starter kit you were able to add more sensors at that time. They will be sold as a stand alone item but I still have not heard an ETA on that yet.

That is why I ordered additional contact/motion sensors, keypads when ordering the starter kit. Received email with tracking number and 2nd email with activation code on Mon(4/25), the order was delivered on Wed(4/28).


I don’t recall there was a option to select extra sensors when I ordered it on back in Dec :slight_smile:

I already have some v1 installed. Why would I waste money on extra hardwares if it is not needed with the assumption that v1 should be working. Which they didn’t mention or I didn’t see anywhere stated v1 are not supported for the alarms.

I know it was mentioned here as I had seen and posted myself that they would not work as an alarm trigger but would for automations. I don’t think it was placed predominately enough on the website though

Help me out here, when you say that the old sensors will only work for “automations”. I am not sure what you mean by that. I will guess that Automations means it will work exactly like it works now, You will get an app notification when the door opens and closes (If that is how you have it set) but it will not notify the alarm company. Is that right?

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I think what @WyzeJasonJ is referring to is the rules. Automations are set in the Wyze rules for triggers and schedules etc.

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Yes, they will work how the do now by notifying you of open and close and turning things on or off. The will NOT notify the alarm company or trigger the alarm in any way.