Need to Buy More Original Door & Motion Sensor Kit

I can’t find the door sensors + motion detector/bridge kits on your website. Don’t you offer these kits any more? I need a bridge/motion sensor to replace two that no longer work and to link about 5 existing magnetic door sensors back into my overall Wyze system. I also need more magnetic door sensors to replace ones fhat no longer work. Can I still get the original kits somewhere?

The V1 sensors and hubs aren’t being sold any longer. The sensors have a critical hardware issue that renders them unusable if the battery level gets too low and there is no recovery. Wyze is selling the V2 sensors and hub as their solution and replacement. Only problem is, so far, you can’t buy the hub without Home Monitoring Service.

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Thank you for your response and explanation about the hardware problem. Almost all my door sensors and motion sensors have died and putting in new batteries doesn’t revive them. I wondered what was wrong with these sensors – I see now that it was a design flaw by some “unwise” Wyze engineers.

I am VERY disappointed in Wyze’s non-response to this known error on their part. A more responsible company would have honored their customers by doing something to make this egregious situation more bearable (co-founders: take note!).

As an apology for their error, they could) offer the V2 sensors and hub in a kit without the subscription, and at a reduced price to former V1 door & motion sensor kit owners so they can again monitor their doors, windows, and rooms in a reliable and secure way.

Another option would be to assign a “wise” Wyze engineer to redesign these V1 sensors without the problem and offer “new guts” (board only) kits to former owners at a reasonable “upgrade” price (and also offer the full new V1+ units kits to fill an unfilled niche in the Wyze product line).

Again, thank you for your rapid and enlightening response; I only wish that Wyze would be as responsive and own up to and remediate the problems resulting from their design errors.

The design error isn’t really because of Wyze. There is a flaw in the hardware which Wyze simply rebrands. This doesn’t make Wyze less responsible, but it is a problem slightly out their control. I agree that they should do SOMETHING for customers, but not likely at this point.

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Thanks again for your enlightening response.


I’m down to 1 working sensor now. I had another one working in my garage to let my know if my garage door is open. I recently decided to put the bridge camera even closer so the bridge had very good connection to the sensor. Now, for no reason, with a fully charged battery that had been working all along, the sensor will NOT link to the bridge. Been trying for 2 weeks!
I keep saying this with my malfunctioning Wyze products, “IT MAKES NO SENSE!”

Oh, save your breath friend. You words are falling on deaf ears…
Thanks for saying what a lot are feeling though.

@kojam, @Lew_Mantels

At this point there’s no point in expecting help from Wyze about the V1 sensors. I found a much better series of products. Garage sensors, gate sensors, motion sensors, water sensors, even the ability for a sensor to activate a cutoff value. Amazing stuff with a range of 1,000 feet. Batteries last 2-3 years, and the products work every time. Take a look at the products go by Yolink and are also sold on Amazon.

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Agree with @Sam_Bam regarding YoLink/YoSmart. I’ve gotten several of the sensors (garage doors and contact sensors) which are working great in my shop which is nearly 200ft from my house. They also have switches and plugs which can be paired with the sensors to make them independent of the internet. They also have the water valve control, leak sensors and indoor and outdoor sirens for alarms.

Thank you @WildBill , for trying those devices. Your reputation here adds credibility to my claims that those are excellent alternatives to what we miss from Wyze. I like them better than the V2. And so many devices to choose from.

Thanks to all here for the information. I too have door sensors that are slowly one by one becoming useless. I knew it was too good to be true that this self monitoring w/o a subscription system would last without some kind of hook to get you to migrate to a newer paid monitoring system. Time to review the options listed in this thread. Very upsetting but it is what it.

Not sure if they actually have them in stock but the V1 sensor kit is listed for sale on the Homedepot site. Also, not exactly what you’re looking for but HD has the current home monitoring kit (including the hub) on sale for 50% off… ~$50 +tax. I seem to recall reading on here in the past the V1 sensors work with the new hub.

What adds insult to ingery is that in the app/divice info/battery level you will always see “normal” or then all of a sudden when it is too late “low”. The app should state high, medium or low.

So now I have to check with a voltage tester every few months all of the remaining working sensors and pray that I catch them before they go low to hopefully replace the battery before the sensor is useless.

You can find V1 sensors on ebay but really how long will they work for? With the V2 system customers are almost forced to subscribe to a paid monitoring service. The alarm sound will not work and other key features if you are use the V2 system w/o the monitoring service.

V1 users should have been informed first and offered an option to upgrade to a new V2 system for free and just have us pay the year monitoring service before going public to sell openly. Now even though it’s half off at $50 you can’t find if anymore at home depot (out of stock). Amazon will not have it until April of 2022.

Not cool.

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Friends - DO NOT WASTE ANY MORE OF YOUR TIME ATTEMPITNG TO GET THIS TO CONEECT. Unfortunately I found out why our version 1 door sensor is not connecting to the bridge, The sensor will blanks out the MAC address to all zeros on a low battery. The light will flash at “ready to connect” and even flash when the connectors are taken apart and put back together. This sensor now will not ever be able to make a connection to any device (unless you use super glue). I believe this is called “bricking”. This is a hardware defect in the sensors boards. The Wyze Tech Support person I dealt with was not going to replace my sensors even though I emailed him a PDF of my receipt well within one year. He did give a whopping $6 credit (the price of 1 door sensor battery I guess) and ceased to continue to trouble shoot the v1 sensor due to this known issue. The Tech Support person did however ask you to purchase the newer version that is called The Home monitoring system. Oh, and he did also apologies as well.

I wish I would have not told all of my friends, coworkers and family to purchase this system. Now I have to be the person to tell them that they now have (or will have) little white paper weights.

I just don’t know if I want to go this route again with purchasing the Home Monitoring System. This really is sad, I loved this system but I knew it was too good to be true.
Looking for alternatives.

DON’T BE A FOOL! DO NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE (Well, no one that u like. I only now recommend Wyze to people I REALLY don’t like)