How to buy additional motion sensors

I want to be able to buy the motion sensors separately.

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The Wyze motion sensors are currently out of stock, and I don’t have any further details when they will be back in stock.



Is there a way to preorder them? I would like to order 10.

No, unfortunately, single motion sensors cannot be preordered.

Can we get notified when they are in stock somehow

I could be wrong, but I think I remember seeing something about the V1 sensors not coming back. However, The new sensors that are part of the new Wyze Home Monitoring security kit are eventually supposed to be sold without the home monitoring. Also, the old V1 sensors are supposed to work with the new hub, but not for home monitoring, just as triggers for rules and routines like they currently are.

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That’s exactly why I need the motion sensors. So i will need to buy a whole new setup? If so, that defeats the purpose of me buying the starter kit I just bought. :man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4:

I may not have explained it correctly. What I mean is that as far as I know, I don’t think the past Wyse Sense motion sensors, contact sensors, and bridge will be sold anymore, but they will continue to work as is. At least I haven’t seen Wyze say they will be back.

However, they are moving to the new motion and contact sensors that come free with the $59.99 home monitoring service. That kit comes with 2 new style contact sensors, 1 new motion sensor, 1 keypad, and one hub. All that hardware is free with the $59.99 one year monitoring service, but Wyse said at a later date, they will offer the hardware for sale separately. I assume that means you will be able to buy additional sensors.

In addition, your current old style contact and motion sensors are supposed to work with the new hub, but only for rules and routines like they currently do and not with the professional monitoring.

If you really wanted the new hardware, but don’t want to wait until they sell it separately, you could technically pay the $59 for one year of monitoring, get all the hardware for free, and just not use the active monitoring by leaving it in test mode. I think the kits are supposed to start shipping in April.

Personally, except for one Wyze contact sensor on my mailbox, I’ve replaced all my Wyze Sense contact and motion sensors with non Wyze zigbee sensors. I just found the Wyse Sense to be far too unreliable over time. I have no interest in the new sensors with the home monitoring kit.

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