Do they sell the contact sensors and motion sensors separately?"

Or how do you at least buy the batteries for these things?

V1 Sense sensors are no longer sold on the Wyze site. I’ve seen some folks pick them up as part of bundles at Home Depot. I’ve also bought 5 packs or whatever it was of the battery type on amazon to replace in the sensors.

There is a v2 Sense line coming, currently only available as part of the Home Monitoring System. Keep an eye out to where that is sold separately in the future.

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Thanks for the information. I’ve had mine for almost 2 years now. I live in Texas and since the freeze, 2 of them went out (of course they were outside). They’ve worked great since then. I kind of wish WYZE wasn’t changing things around all the time.

Why was it never stated when I purchased the Home Monitoring system that I could not purchase additional sensors separately?

I cannot use the system with the start up kit ONLY.

How do I suspend the service until I can purchase additional sensors to protect my home?

Only option currently is to purchase an additional monitoring system to add the sensors that I need. That’s ridiculous.

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You can buy extra sensors/keypads along with the HMS Sense starter kit during the preorder period and it is in the site. It’s the v1 Sense sensors that are being fazed out, the new v2 sensor lineup is was introduced with and only sold alongside the HMS at this time.

This is from the HMS preorder page…

Here is a snippet from a recent shipping email that mentions that those that pre-ordered addon products are being shipped soon.

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Why was it never stated when I purchased the Home Monitoring system that I could not purchase additional sensors separately?

As in a later or different transaction than first purchasing HMS? I am guessing that because the Sense v2 line is not in general release yet. So far the HMS has been the only thing that had been released to a pre-order status. You are buying into the HMS service, but receive a sense v2 starter kit in the process as part of the bundle. During this initial pre-order transaction, you are also allowed to purchase extra sensors at the time if you choose.

Later edit/ We are within the preorder period so different rules apply to what’s available and being offered as a package now as opposed to when the general release occurs. Preorders could be at a different price points, bundled or packaged with certain things, different ship times, etc, just gotta take notice as to what’s being offered and how.

Wyze has stated that the Sense v2 line will eventually be released as standalone products, but no timeline has been stated. I am guessing that the individual products can be ordered à la cart at that time.

Any @Mavens have any additional input on this topic?

It all has to do with how money works