Wyze Motion Sensor Product Page

I just recently had the Home Monitoring system arrive and would like to purchase additional Wyze Motion Sensors but I can’t seem to find the product on the site. Have these been discontinued?

I don’t believe the old Wyze Sense sensors are made anymore. For the new ones, when the Home Monitoring system was first released for preorder, Wyze stated that additional hardware would be available at a later date, including hardware without the monitoring service, but didn’t say when.


Thanks @raym64 I’ll keep an eye out for the announcement.

you are indeed correct there and funny enough you are correct on everything else as well. well said!


I’m in the same boat. When I preordered my system, ordering additional sensors weren’t an option. Now they are but optional when you purchase the system. I already have the system but can’t find where you can just buy the additional sensors.

I’ve just sent an email to Wyze to see how one can purchase additional sensors. I’ll let you know their response.

Here is the response I received from Wyze on the additional sensors.

“ Additional Wyze Sense Keypad and sensors are not yet available for purchase but will be soon on our shops once we get closer to shipping all preorders. We have no ETA yet of the availability but we’ll let you know via our newsletter and social media sites. We’ll surely notify you once separate kits are available.”

I got the same response…

I want to deactivate my account since I will not be able to use the system until I purchase additional sensors.

There was nothing when I pre-ordered the Home Monitoring that I would not be able to purchase more sensors.

Only way around it is to purchase another system and add the sensors that I require 1 system. I just won’t go down that path.


I recently received and setup my system to replace my Nest guard, my only issue is with the motion sensor. I’ve been testing it with different settings, triggers and schedules. It’s response time is slow in my opinion. I’ll be replacing it if and when the shop is ever restocked. Everything else in the kit works flawlessly