Can't order Wyze Sense?

I tried to add Wyze sense devices with my new V3 order this morning, but it wouldn’t give any option to add them. It didn’t say they were sold out like the WCO’s said, it just had no way to add them and no notice why. Just the product screen.

Are they already discontinued in anticipation of the Ver2 devices launching in a few months?

I had to just order V3’s without more Wyze Sense devices like I planned to do. Shame.

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The V2 sense is coming soon as Wyze said. You’ll just have to wait until then.

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Is there a rough timeline for V2? I’m wondering if I should hold off on my current order for a bit, as I’d like to pick up a sense pack as well.

Welcome to the Wyze community @shane.estelle!
No official timeline yet, but Wyze said it’s coming soon!

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I do not see the Wyze sense items available for order now and it has been 3 months. I like the idea of a home security offering but I also would like sensors that I can use for my home automation using SmartThings**, Home Assistant**, etc. I hope Wyze is not closing off their items to non-cloud options.

** I am hoping I can plug the sense bridge into ST like I can for Hassio.


The V2 sensors should be available when the home monitoring service and sensors officially launch. The V1 sensors will still work, but you’ll need a V2 or Pan camera for the bridge to connect to.
I believe the V1 sensors are discontinued now.

Oh, I had not been closely following but thought the old sensors could talk directly to the new hub. Guess not. :frowning:

Feeling a bit seduced and abandoned- got my new v3 cam but when I went to order Wyze sense bits and pieces I find they aren’t available - looks like maybe April when home monitoring launches? (don’t need monitoring).

So much for setting up this location. Other location with V2 Cam and sense pieces working great . Guess I am dead in the water for the moment.

Wyze Please Respond! Are the original Sense sensors ever coming back? They are great, and I don’t need or want home monitoring, just make some more sensors, please!

I don’t believe they are. The new sense line is supposed to be more reliable.

I did get a response to this from Wyze in a different thread. They told me they were no longer going to be made or sold. They are not coming back.

Last I checked, you could still buy some from some 3rd party resellers, especially within big starter kits (ie: includes a cam, bulbs, plugs, and Wyze sense).

Otherwise, you’re stuck with V2 sensors now. You will soon be able to order and use them without any home monitoring. In fact, on Feb 25th I just got an email telling me:

Many of you have been asking when you can purchase Wyze Sense v2 as standalone products. We’re currently only offering them as part of our Wyze Home Monitoring bundle, but we promise that they will be available for individual purchase soon.

So, you’ll be able to buy them without a subscription or the keypad. I think the new sensors are better than the old ones in every single way except 1…size. I loved the smaller size of the V1 sensors as I converted many of them into smart light switches, and it’s nice to have them so tiny, The new V2 sensors are about twice as big, which isn’t terrible, and I am happy for all the benefits that come from it (I can use rechargeable batteries, these won’t brick and go into a lockstate when the battery gets low, adjustable motion sensitivity, better reliability and range, etc). The cost isn’t that much more, and is still way less than every other company charges for sensors.

Basically, if you want sensors without dabbling with a subscription, you’ll have to wait a little longer or look up some resellers. Or, you could always order the HMS pack anyway and just cancel the service immediately.

Or you can always buy the yearly subscription like I did for basically the same cost you’d pay without it anyway…get the starter kit free, then just leave the entire thing in “practice mode” for the whole year and you will have all the monitoring disabled. Noonlight will never get any notifications and will never monitor anything, it will be just like the monitoring company doesn’t even exist, but you’ll still get otherwise total functionality and for basically the same price as not having it. I confirmed this Wyze. Practice mode can be enabled indefinitely, completely shutting out the monitoring company and allowing you to have full functionality…and then you don’t have to wait for everything to be sold separately (though they said they’ll allow this soon anyway).

Hope some of the above helps with whatever you decide…in short, V1’s are never coming back. You can use what you have and you can connect them to the new V2 hub…but they won’t be manufacturing any more.

Best wishes.

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It’s half way thru May, and I see that the wyze sense v2 still isn’t available for purchase without a home monitoring bundle.
Has there been any communication from Wyze about this?

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Not to me

Hub or sensors?

They announced today that they sensors are available to purchase individually.


We have dozens of WYZE SKUS and 2 of the motion sensors failed in one week, and a new one out of the box won’t detect motion either. They do not offer replacements.
WYZE support suggested I scrap the V1 and invest in version 2 plus a new hub (which does not work with sense V1). Thats a lot of buying new, and now I have low confidence they will not do the same - scrap V2 when they are ready for V3.
Home Kit here we come. Bye bye wyze.

I think there is a misunderstanding. The V2 hub does work to connect all V1 sensors to.

I have both V1 sensors and V2 sensors. As soon as my V2 hub came in, I transferred all my V1 sensors over to the new hub. It was close to effortless to switch them all over and everything works significantly better than when they were connected to the V1 “bridge.”

Also, Wyze gave some indications recently that they might be working on a firmware update to allow V2 sensors to be able to connect to the old V1 Bridge too. People proved it was possible through Home Assistant (to connect V2 sensors to the V1 bridge), and then shortly after that Wyze put out a statement in a FAQ that people could do this in their ecosystem too (and then they retracted the statement and changed it to say “not at this time” which also indicates it might be upcoming, but they don’t want people to buy V2 sensors without the hub right now when they can’t use them yet), but it seems to be something they are running through some kind of Alpha or Beta tests and might be publicly released at some point, which I would guess will happen around the time they officially start telling people the V2 sensors are now promoted to people who don’t want the HMS subscription (though I don’t work for Wyze, I am not involved in any kind of test for this at all and I am just guessing based on the signs I described above, so I could definitely be misinterpreting this and be wrong in that assumption). Regardless, you can DEFINITELY connect both V1 and V2 sensors to the new Hub, I do this and love it way better than old unreliable V1 bridge.

I have dozens of sensors of both V1’s and V2’s now all running off the hub and I haven’t had a detection failure, or a need to reboot the hub or anything like I had with the V1 bridge.

Having both and using dozens of both daily I highly recommend the V2 Hub and sensors, in fact I’m about to buy more. The only downside is they’re about twice as big, but that’s so that they can use AAA batteries instead of the low storage and wasteful pill batteries. Now I can use rechargeable batteries and they last way longer with a strong signal.

Wyze probably can’t really offer V1 replacements anymore since they’ve been deprecated for 9 months or more now. That is frustrating. I have lost 3 or 4 V1 sensors too.

Anyway, it’s understandable if someone wants to go look elsewhere, but don’t do it based on a misunderstanding. V1 sensors work well on the new V2 Hub. They work just like they always have worked, with rules and notifications, etc. The only thing they can’t do is be part of the new subscription features (set off the the siren or send an alert to Noonlight), but no functionality is removed from how they have always worked. You won’t notice any negative difference from how you’ve always used them, except that they are now more reliable and work better.

But that’s just my experience.


I can deal with the size different of the sensor body but my #1 reason for switching out all my v1s contacts with v2s contacts was the fact that I don’t have to deal with the button battery’s anymore. Peace out button battery’s! I did love the form factor of the v1s, and the beautiful packaging and arrangement they came in, but the button batts were always a issue.

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I’m totally with you there buddy. I completely agree.

I have seen people modify V1’s to use AAA batteries instead of the button batteries, but that destroys the ONLY benefit they possibly have over the V2’s. Might as well just switch everything over to V2’s.

I mostly just use V1’s as smart light switches for the bulbs now. I have little 3D printed switches that turn my lights on when I switch them up, and turn them off when I switch them down. That’s what I’ve switched most of my V1’s to be used for now. :slight_smile:

There is one thing I like better about V1 Motion sensors though…and that is that they are very sensitive and my pets (cats) easily set them off too, while the V2’s try to ignore pets and only go off when they sense humans. So I’ve put V2’s where I only want humans sensed, and V1’s where I also want to know when pets trigger them.

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I still can’t purchase the V2 sense independently.
It’s telling me I have to buy the starter kit with home monitoring.
Quite disappointing.