Can't order Wyze Sense?

thanks for your response. Interestingly, I spoke with 2 reps at Wyze this morning who told me the V1 sensors would not work with the V2 hub.

I have V1 motion sensors connected to the V2 hub, and they are executing my rules within the WYZE rules engine. I can verify that at least. I have not tested anything in other spaces at this time such as Alexa Routines.

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You can buy the sensors independently, but a core Sense v2 hub and hms is needed to use them.

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I thought I read that V2 sense will connect to the V1 (Legacy) gateway.
But the V1 sense won’t connect to the V2 gateway.

The V2 sensors will work with the V2 hub only.
The V1 sensors will work with the V1 hub/bridge and the V2 hub. The V1 sensors can’t be used to trigger HMS alarms, they can only be used for automations/rules.

All sensors require a hub.

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Thanks for the clarification.

You actually probably did read this on the Wyze site (you aren’t crazy). On the day Wyze started allowing V2 sensors to be bought separately a week or so ago, one of the FAQs on there initially said that the V2 sensors could connect to the V1 legacy bridge. I saw it myself when someone linked me to it and I had discussions about this with several people. Several of us even tested if this was now true…but it did not work still. Shortly thereafter Wyze updated the FAQ to remove that wording and clarify that this is actually NOT possible “at this time”…so it is something that they may be working on, but if so, it must be in an Alpha testing phase and they would need to release a new firmware to the V1 bridge to allow V2 sensors to connect. We know it is POSSIBLE to enable since they use the same procol and frequency, and someone proved it works if you do it through Home Assistant, so this may be allowed in the near future (but it also may not), it is just not CURRENTLY the case.

Point is: You probably did read that, but Wyze quickly corrected this mistype to clarify to us that it’s not possible to do this right now.

Well, that explains it!
Thanks, and have a great weekend :+1:t2:

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My Wyze Sense seems to have stopped working. Two days ago it was “online” but not notifying when doors were opened or people entered the room. Today it just reports as off line. Do I need to set up the bridge with sensors again? Could the fault be in the year-old bridge OR the camera it’s plugged in to? Anybody?

You could try this, it’ll usually fix the issue. I would first try power-cycling the camera that the bridge is plugged into.

If there was an issue I would guess it would be with the bridge. Unfortunately, the one year warranty on the V1 sensors has ended.

I submitted a support ticket and the problem was resolved in two stages. First, the camera and sensors came online. The next day the sensors started reporting in. Maybe the pipes needed clearing?

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Maybe, I’m glad it’s working!

It stopped working again. It has a new battery and I added it like it was new but after a few hours the app says it’s offline. :frowning: