Sense Starter Kit Out of Stock

Was going to order another starter kit but not available from Wyze. Is this going to be the switch to the “Sense Line V2” products?


I’m not sure on an official date for the V2 sensors. It may be out f stock temporarily, keep checking the website.
You may be able to find the sensors for sale at your local Home Depot.

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Checked online for Home Depot and the starter kit isn’t even listed as a product.

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I had seen at my local store. You’ll just have to keep checking that website!

Just looking at the Wyze website and the sensors no longer seem to be available for purchase:

I have informed @WyzeGwendolyn of the issue. Gwendolyn may have an answer for this. No guaranty on response time, they’ve been busy lately!

They are still listed in the store but are currently out of stock

Per the website (Home Monitoring & Automation – Wyze):

Wyze Sense is currently not available. Stay tuned for the next generation of Wyze Sense.


Since it appears that the Sense kit is no longer available, a question: Will the new sensors work as a standalone product or only with the paid monitoring service? I know the information says the older version will work with the service but the description doesn’t mention a standalone option for the new sensors. @WyzeGwendolyn?

Wyze Sense is currently not available. Stay tuned for the next generation of Wyze Sense! Beyond that, we’re not giving information yet but we will be later. :slight_smile:


Is there a way to get notifications when the Next Gen has come out??


I have some I have not yet used, in box, broken seal, never set up. in what city do you live?

Thank you, but I’m more interested in the Sense V2 that’s in the works!!

The best way to get notification of early access to future Wyze products, announcements, specials and much more is to subscribe to the Wyze newsletter. We used to be able to subscribe via the Wyze app, but it looks like that functionality has been removed. Please go to the Wyze website via a browser, log in to your account, enter your email address in the NEWSLETTER box down in the lower right of the page and click the Subscribe button. You can confirm that your action was accepted by verifying the status in the ACCOUNT INFORMATION section up near the top of the page.

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It’s been several months now since Sense went out of stock and said V2 coming soon. Any update or ETA? Super interested here with over 50 Wyze devices installed.

I think there should be info on this coming soon

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