Available or not?

I got an email stating Wyze Sense is back in stock. Wyze store shows out of stock.
What are you doing in there Wyze world??

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It appears to be some kind of bug. In another post about this same thing Wyze indicated they needed to look into why these emails keep going out about the V1 sensors when they shouldn’t, but it keeps happening to people who asked to be notified when they come back in stock.

The V1 sensors are reportedly NEVER coming back in stock, I’d recommend unsubscribing from notices about their availability because it will only issue false-alarms.

If more V1 sensors are needed we need to buy them in starter kits or from 3rd parties now. Wyze is only going to focus production on V2 sensors now.


Must be a network glitch? I too get daily false back in stock emails for the sensors. Both the app and website show the same.