Stock update for Sense?

Hi @WyzeGwendolyn (or anyone else that might know) . Do you happen to have an update on when Sense items will be back in stock? I need to replace a few more of my proximity sensors, but looks like they’re not available now. They’re kinda the heart of my Wyze system.

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Wyze mentioned on their recent AMA that they are coming out with Sense V2 soon. The stock levels are probably out or low because of that. They also mentioned a new standalone Sense V2 bridge on the Wyze Cam v3 FAQs.


Thanks @j.rosen! That’s really helpful. No foolin’…I posted that and thought “I hope the answer is that there is a Sense V2 coming out…” Sounds great. In the mean time, I’ll see about triggering things using my cameras to detect motion.


Boy I hope for your sake the new bridge is fully compatible with the old sensors.


In the AMA they said it would be.


PS…this is working well for me. Camera motion triggers the lights in my room to turn on, and turning off the lights after x minutes. A nice work around.

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I’ll be in for 3 of the new bridges, as well as at least a dozen contact sensors. When can I buy? I already have 50+ Wyze devices lol

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I’d like to know this too. I’ve been waiting for several weeks to purchase some replacement contact sensors for some that died.


Any update here? One of my Sense bridges has been having issues lately, would love to replace with a V2.

Any update on this?

I’ve been waiting for several weeks to purchase some replacement contact sensors for some that died.

Any update Please .

need to replace all my dead doors sensors .

its very unsafe now .

They have not announced when more are coming yet

If it’s a safety issue, I’d suggest working on another temp solution. I have no info, but I’d assume it’s at least a few months away. I’ve been using my cams as motion sensors, which works oookkkaayyy…but not nearly as sensitive or consistent as the motion sensors. I end up telling Google to turn my lights on at times as well.

I read yesterday that part of the problem with the dying sensors is leaving them with dead batteries too long. Bummer that I could have prevented it with better maintenance!

Love those batteries while they’re with you, folks. :slight_smile:

Looks like new sense stuff is available now, through the Wyze Security Monitoring. Still hoping for/assuming some standalone sense products will be available after that’s all launched.

I may or may not be interested in monitoring, but I’m definitely interested in new sense gear.

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Well, tbh, I’m not super interested in monitoring service. However, it seemed like the fastest way to get new motion sensors, I went ahead and pre-ordered the year package + a few sensors. The cameras-as-sensors are good in a pinch, but long term they’re a bit frustrating. I am using a Pan as my sensor. Maybe I’ll try a V3 and see how it goes…