When will motion sensors be back in stock?

I need a half dozen more


I need 8 more. I have an order started , just waiting on restock of sensors.

I just need one, old one went bad. Not sure how long they’ve been out of stock.

Did it get damaged, or did the battery die or did it just stop functioning?

Just stopped functioning, Battery checks 4.76 volts

nvm, after changing the battery, and resetting/unplugging everything, I finally updated the camera firmware and it started working again.

Same here, have a couple other things in the cart, not sure if I should wait for restock of motion sensors before purchasing other stuff. Anyone got any info on restocks of these? Days? Months?

Yeah, silent isn’t a good look for a company that is clearly trying to lend an impression of being accessible.

Bump. Can we get an answer on this? @WyzeGwendolyn

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Thanks for the tag! We’re expecting them to be back in stock either next week or the week after. :slight_smile:

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Well that was fast :smile: Thank you!

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You’re welcome! Just happened to catch me at a good time. :grin:

They put them back up on the site, I bought a bunch, waites and still no product. Now I am going on vacation, and have purchased Other devices, since Wyze have been unable to deliver in a reasonable time.

I would like to cancel my order, as I have replaced my wyze motion detectors with Sonoff motion detectors. Flash with Tasmota, and presto, cheap, cloud-free motion detection that is as easy to integrate into Home Assistant, and much more reliable.

I gave wyze a chance, but they fell flat. A cheap product, and you get what you pay for.