When your V1 Sensors stop working

I am not going to make you read my reason for this post to get to the bottomline.
Bottomline: I bought some new V1 sensors on eBay to replace my old/bricked V1’s And even though they are not “fresh”, they work flawlessly. Connected to the bridge first time.

I love the Wyze V1 Sensor. Especially the Motion sensor. When it works it works every time. And when it works every time, its because its battery has not died from use and then bricked the sensor. Even if it did (battery die and) brick the sensor, this would not be such a big deal to everyone/anyone that uses them IF, we could buy more from Wyze. But, the reality is, we can not.

Cost more than what they did from Wyze, but didn’t buy them from Wyze. Still happy to get them for just a little more. And more pleased to find them at all. I bought a dozen, so I don’t mind sharing as I don’t think I will need more later.

I did look for a more recent thread to save having to start a new one. There was not one.

I like them too. I am about to convert a bunch of them over to Home Assistant. :slight_smile:

One thing I like about the V2 sensors is that I can use AAA batteries with them, but the V1’s are an awesome size.

The kit with the sensors was a great deal. I"m still using the motion sensors to turn my hall lights on when I get home, they are the greatest and the small size is a plus. I too wish Wyze still made/sold them. I changed a battery and my 2 sensors are still working as they should. I just hope my original pan cam continues to work and the sensor dongle plugged into it doesn’t pass away!