Do your still boxed V1 sensors from 2019 still work, or have they bricked?

I was looking to buy some more never used boxed V1 units from craigs list or ebay, but wanted to ask around, if in theory would they have reached the brown out low voltage in the box, and would by now have bricked.

i thought maybe ppl here have extra stock still in boxes and when they needed them, found the sensors still in working condition , thanks

My understanding is that it’s not a problem as long as they’re not on when the battery is dying. So if I ever open up my box I’ll be changing the batteries first thing.

thanks, i am asking as i was going to buy some still boxed ones from 2019 i saw on craigslist

I’d buy a few and test. I think they shipped with the batteries already activated so they may be bricked.

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I just bought a number of v1 contact and motion sensors off a forum member and the motion sensors connected to the Wyze Sense hub and they are working as expected.

I have not tried the contact sensors yet, which had the bigger issue of the two, but as @Customer mentioned the “brown out” seemed to be mostly if the battery drained and the device was attached to the Wyze Bridge that plugged into the V2 cameras.

I had neglected a couple of contact sensors that were connected to the new Wyze Sense Hub and I thought I lost them… when I put fresh batteries in them they connected back up perfectly to the Wyze Sense Hub.

Even though that has been my experience connecting v1 sensors to the Wyze Sense Hub, I would also follow @WildBill s suggestion and put some fresh batteries in them if you do pick some up.

Yes, still work. I have two of them on my inside staircase. Triggers a LED light strip along the steps so easy to see. One sensor at the top, one at the bottom. Every time there’s a Wyze server hiccup, I think, Ooops, not going to come back, but they do. Love those little sensors.

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Didn’t they ship with tape you had to pull to activate? In any case your guidance to buy a few and test is always a good idea. :+1: