Wyze Sense v1 battery and indicator light(s)

My Wyze Sense v1 has been on my door and working perfectly with the original, pre-installed battery since 2020. A few days ago, it chimed for the 1st time ever, apparently to tell me to change the battery (I didn’t know it could do that). [UPDATE: the sensor proabably didnt chine. Coincidentally, the smoke detector nearby was chirping a low battery warning.] The light was flashing red. I had bought 10 generic batteries for it, so I put one in. The light continued to flash red (and it chirped again). I blamed it on the cheap batteries, so I drove across town to buy a couple Eveready batteries for it (scared to death the battery would die and ruin my sensor). I put one in it, but the little !@#$ is still flashing red at me (but no chime this time). Shouldn’t it be flashing green? I don’t have a battety tester, but these have a shelf date of 2033, so I think they’re good. What’s going on with this thing?

The unused sensor that is still in the box is also flashing red. The installed sensor is notifying me when door opens.

I’m a big van of the V1 too. That flashing means it wants you to add it back to the Camera V2 Bridge. Move the bridge near the sensor or sensor near the bridge and begin the setup again. That’s common on the V1. If have 4+ attempts and it doesn’t add, likely the sensor has died.

While you can’t get them from Wyze, you might find a couple on eBay. I have a couple of spares and gave pretty penny just to get them.

That is great news, Sam. Thank you! I dont remember how to set it up, but I’ll figure it out. So glad it isn’t faulty! Thanks for your help.

You should be good once you add it back, as long as it didn’t lose the MAC address. If that happens, you will see 5 (I think) quick blinks on the sensor. At that point it is probably dead.

I have been using the V1 sensors from the beginning and love them. Only 1 has died. The rest have all had at least 1 or 2 batteries replaced.

Tell me whether it does or doesn’t set up for you again on the camera bridge. A couple of us have been having problems getting the V1’s to work again once their batteries die, and even not able to set up new ones at all anymore since the latest v2 Hub updates. We didn’t really test on the Camera Bridge v1 though. If that is still working to set up new ones or old ones on again, I may have to find mine and start it up again since Wyze has decided they aren’t going to fix the bug in the Hub:

I have lost use of a ton of v1 sensors ever since this bug was discovered and not fixed. I should probably try using the bridge again, but for now, I just remove their battery as soon as they get low so they don’t brick, and think that I might eventually recommission them to work locally on Home Assistant instead when I get around to it.

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It seems to be operating normally. I havent seen a light of any color since yesterday (but haven’t had the patience to sit and watch it), but it’s still visible in the app, still recording when the door opens and closes, etc. All I have done is change the battery. I didn’t set it up again, add it back to the app, or anything. I think its ok.