Wyze sensor v1, is a POC, it's THE WORSE contact sensor that can be purchased

This post is to say bye bye to Wyze
A year and few months ago I’ve purchased a Sensor kit. Both of them got disconnected one by one and I could not make them reappear in the app. I called support and after trying many things they told they are defective but they won’t replace them because they don’t give warranty in Canada. They sell to Canadians but no warranty. I bought another sensor kit from Amazon. Last week one of my sensors ran out of battery, and, after replacing it there was absolutely no way to reconnect the sensor back in the app, there is no way to make the app see the sensor again. The sensor show as Offline. I have tried all the possible things that someone could try based on this forum recommendations, and other web sites. I even deleted the sensor from the app in the end and tried to reinstall it. It does not work, the USB dongle in the back of the camera does not discover it. Yesterday the second sensor ran out of battery, and guess what? the exact thing happened with the second sensor.
Even if Wyze gives me another sensor kit for free I won’t get one. This is to keep me mentally sane.
Wyze please stick these sensors in your USB back hole.
I’ll never buy any Wyze product again. Crappy product

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Hey Titus

I have a full v1 Sense kit unopened in the tech hutch. Kind of afraid if I open it it’ll leap out at me! :imp:

Sympathy, seriously. :slight_smile:

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Sorry you had trouble with this sensor. It’s a known issue with the sense v1 that when the battery dies it bricks. Not sure where you bought more from, as wyze doesn’t sell them anymore.

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But I really have to cast some doubt that you bought a Wyze sensor pack from anyone but some lonesome soul on ebay - 15 months ago.

But before you go, please promise to come back and share with us who you found that makes an equal product for its original $20ish door for a three pack as Wyze. We all mourn the loss of the V1. And would pay twice its price to bring them back.

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Wait… so what do you do to avoid this issue? Replace the battery before it dies? Or does it fail anyway just because you removed the battery?

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My understanding is that the critical fault is in the sensor chipset sourced from TI. When the battery voltage drops to a very low critical level or completely runs out before changing it causes the lockup in the chipset logic because of the low voltage reading logged.

So long as the battery is replaced before that critical low voltage is registered by the chipset, the sensor will continue to operate.

There is a really great post by @carverofchoice that includes a screenshot explaining the chipset fault:


That is the simplest way to summarize it. In fact, the low voltage/battery dying doesn’t ALWAYS kill the V1 sensor. The lock-up only happens when both the brownout event occurs DURING a specific stage of the boot code execution. This is why many people never have their sensors brick even when the battery dies…but that is the only time it can happen so it’s easiest just to tell everyone to replace the batteries when you get a battery low notification. I’ve had tons of batteries die without the sensor bricking, but I have had 2 sensors brick, so it definitely does happen.


Yep. What he said.


Agree with OP! All of mine failed to connect one after the other over time. NOT A BATTERY ISSUE!
The last was being used in my garage l. It was working very well. One day it just stopped being recognized. BATTERY WAS FULL!!! Tried over and over to save it. LOL. Unlike the Six Million Dollar Man, it could not be rebuilt. Even if TI did acknowledge those shortcomings about the chip, the fact of the matter is wyze still made money from selling them… They must do something to compensate their customers. They can’t just shrug their shoulders and day buy the v2.

LOL - are you sure they can’t? It seems to me that is exactly what WYZE has done.

I am now down to 1 working contact sensor. I keep very close tabs on it as well since I’m a huge fan of its simple functionality.

I have several of the door/window sensors v2. I’ve silenced most to not chime at the hub when the door opens. But one refuses to be silenced. Any ideas?