Beware of wyze customer service

I called wyze to seeking a solution to a problem that I am having. Back in 2019 I was one of the first to join wyze. Since then I have 4 cameras 2 services and a motion detector and entry sensors. I bought extra sensors knowing that I would eventually use them. When I tried to pair my sensors they would not work. I was told by Dan (wyze) that that sometimes happens with no solution. All 8mwanted was 2 sensors and I was told that v2 does not work with the legacy program. After asking how we can work together to fix the issue wyze I was told that they would give me $15 off of a almost $100 purchase. Not even knowing if the cameras that I already have will even work with it. What an insult, I didn’t want it for free I just wanted to replace what I had. Well wyze I see that now that you are established you are acting like all the other big companies. I will be looking elsewhere just to make a point. I don have a lot of money and the only thing that I can rely on is word of mouth and post like this. After all of that I get a stupid email asking me to rate my call well here it is 00000000000.

So, you bought something TWO YEARS ago , never checked that it worked when you received it, let it sit in a drawer for TWO YEARS, and now that is doesn’t work TWO YEARS later, you’re upset that Wyze now has a newer, better version and can’t replace your TWO YEAR OLD defective items? Seriously? Two years in tech is a lifetime.


Just so you don’t get so full of yourself . I did test them at first and they worked but I did not have a use for them at the time. Also the original system was bought 2 years ago and the sensors were bought in November of last year. Like I said I was not looking for anything free, just an attempt to help a customer. All I am doing is venting. I do not need nor do I care about your pompous remark. The whole point is that why should I have to possibly replace an entire system for a door sensor.

Welcome @hamman!

Are these the V1 or V2 sensors? The V1s are out of warranty by now.

Do you mean V2 sensors? These don’t work with the old V1 sensor bridge that plugs into the camera.