Wyze home monitoring and customer service

I’m here screaming and reaching out to anyone with the wyze company to help me. I have had wyze products since the first $20 version 1 camera came out I now have over 35 products from Wyze. I have loved wyze and have no problem with them up until about a week and a half from this message. I guess there was some kind of outage and my home monitoring Hub started acting up or at least I think it is and a few sensors as well. I have both motion and entry sensors and two of them one motion one entry sensor would not clear meaning they would say open or motion detected and I could not get them to clear no matter what and my alarm would not turn on and act right because of it. I couldn’t turn on my alarm from the app and I couldn’t clear the alerts on the sensors. First I tried replacing the batteries on both sensors and nothing happened still says open and motion detected then I tried deleting both sensors and when I go and try to add them back to the hub it will not reconnect so of course naturally I reached out to customer service not once not twice but three times and each time I was on hold for 90 minutes on the phone and all they said was they could open a case and escalate it because the department that deals with my issue is only reachable through email so I did that and all I got in response was press the reset button on the back of the Hub so I did and now nothing absolutely works before the other sensors would work and chime when open and now that doesn’t even work I’ve been emailing back and forth with customer support and they are no help and being disrespectful I’m about to empty my dirty laundry on all my social media platforms and all the replies I got from customer support because I am not happy and how they’re handling it and treating me I could send screenshots of everything that’s going on but I rather not do that I rather someone call me and reach out to me and help me resolve this because I do love all my wife’s products but now I’m getting a nasty taste from customer support and they are not helping me at all with my problems but now trying to cancel my subscription so I’m asking for help from anyone and the wise company to reach out to me before I have to write the honest review and post screenshots and email replies of what’s going on.

Attached is a screen shot of this smart ass tech canceling my subscription even tho i never asked him too. Instead of him trying to help me resolve my issue hed trying to get rid of me. I have already summbited a log from the hub. This is extremely unprofessional. I can post all my emails i have thus far from custome service. Not one is helping me in any way.

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Update just called again today 4/23/24 and still havent gotten any help just another ticket reopen thru email and my services are still down. Im about done with wyze. They were good and have or had good products but their customer service sucks. I wilm be wiriting a very detailed post with screen shot with all of my interactions with their customer support. I cant believe this is how a loayl customer is being treated.

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Hire me hire me, wyze. I could copy and paste your script much better than most of your employees.

Go apply to one of their open positions:

Most jobs require “Senior” :weary:.

Having similar problems, though cs folks were very nice just not effective. . Talked and chatted, both say need to escalate via email This for home security as is yours. Would seem home security maybe should have some department one could talk too, Also was a early supporter… Saddens me