Help! please

I have a problem and Wyze email tech support is no help. I ordered the Wyze Home Monitoring System back in March and I received it about 2-3 weeks ago and set it up the next day. It has been working exceptionally well and we have been very pleased with it. However we lost electricity last night during a small storm from about 9:30 pm til 2:00 am. When I woke up for work this morning I checked the Wyze app and it said all of my outdoor cameras and indoor cameras were online and working properly, but our home monitoring system said it was Offline. So I unplugged it plugged it back in waited a few minutes still nothing. So I emailed Wyze support on my way to work this morning and they have still not told me nothing I can do to get it back online. I’m wondering if anyone else has came across this problem?


Or does anyone know what I could do to correct the problem

Wyze support told me to hold the reset button for 20 -30 seconds to “power cycle” the hub. Not sure this won’t reset it as well necessitating that you reconfigure it and the connected sensors. However, you seem to be dead in the water anyway. It’s just an option. Removing power does nothing since it has a battery.

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Welcome to the forum @adamwhitt23! You could try calling.

I held it down for 30 seconds and it said hello please go to your Wyze app to finish setup so I did and it still said offline so I removed all of the HMS devices then re added them. So problem solved thanks again

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