6 months no service with Home Monitoring Service

For the past six months, I’ve been contacting Wyze twice a month about my malfunctioning Wyze Hub Home Monitoring Service. Despite following all troubleshooting instructions, including resetting and trying different power cords, the issue persists. Despite assurances from Wyze over the past three months that a manager would reach out to me, I’ve only received automated emails in response to my inquiries, to which I always promptly reply.
When can I anticipate receiving a credit for this matter, along with assurance that someone will call me or respond to my emails promptly to either resolve the issue or provide replacement equipment?

Welcome to the community @jcruz0418 , sorry to hear you are having issues. I am a community volunteer and not a Wyze Employee.

Can you share what issues you are having with HMS so that the community and other volunteers can assist.


For the past six months, I’ve been unable to arm my home. I’ve reached out to Wyze via phone, chat, and email without success. Now, I’m exploring alternative avenues to capture their attention. I simply seek a repair, yet I believe I also deserve a credit considering my persistent attempts at communication.

On the top of the Device, how many lights are on? 3?

You can try a Soft Reset:

  • Unplug power cord, you will hear that it is running on battery
  • then press the button on the back until the lights change or go out and release
  • plug the power cord back in and wait till the 3 lights come back on.

then wait for a bit and make sure the Hub is showing as connected in the app and then try to Arm and Disarm



Do you have any Ticket Numbers from when you have been contacting Wyze? If you have that, I can try to escalate for you.

Also, let me know if the steps I provided work for you.