Poor service on Home Monitoring

I am at my wit’s end with Wyze “Service.” Since April 9th I have been without Monitoring and despite assurance that I would be contacted I have not been.

On April 9th, my system went off line. Since we were 2000 miles away I had to wait to get this issue resolved. On 17 May 2024 I spoke to Patrick who sent me instructions to get reconnected. I was able to get my Sense Hub back up and reconnected several sensors. However, while I have an annual Home Monitoring subscription, when I click on the Monitoring tab at the bottom of the app I get a page that says I should add a compatible device to start receiving alerts with [my] Wyze Cam. What? I want to monitor sensors, not a camera.

No I have to leave the location and despite having spent hours on the issue, I still have no monitoring. ^$#@&^!^$!!!

Service reps are nice, empathetic and cannot help or don’t live up to what they say they are going to do.

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I have the same issue. Whenever i click armed, it kepts in circling then when u get out from the app, its arming the system. Multiple times i reported this to to support and ask for an update. They said they don’t have further troubleshooting to offer and the logs i’ve shared is still with their engineering team for almost a month now. I told them to stop my monthly billing or reimburse as this is not acceptable. And recently I discovered also that my 3 climates sensor last reading was 4/15. Tried to reset and resync it but no luck. Is wyze not getting wiser now???