Wyze Sensor outage again. Similar to 8/5/20

Is anyone else having a similar Wyze outage compared to the one on 8/5/2020 where wyze decided they were going to do AWS maintenance without telling any of their customers and the issues persisted for 12+ hours where their wyze sense stuff stopped working altogether?


It’s 8/23/2020 so its like… 18 days later.

Man, for a company trying to compete, this service sucks big time. whats the point in having $10 wyze sense equipment if they are not reliable at all?

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I did have all sensors go offline yesterday.

Bridge blue light was steady, but I reset the bridge this am, all seems ok now.

Since there are thousands of users, we’ll call this a coincidence, right ? … unless hundreds of others chime in and report this also.


I had all my sensors go offline around august 14th. Had to manually unplug the bridges from the cameras, power cycle the cameras by pulling the usb connection, plug the bridges back in, and change the status light from off to on and back off again in the app to get them to reconnect properly.

sensors are still jacked, and its nearly 24 hours later. multiple reboots, bridge reconnects, etc… nothing helps. this blows.

@Fuxxnuts, it sounds like there was something specific that happened with you and @chasjabber given that this didn’t get more traction and I didn’t hear other reports. Sorry for the trouble! Are your sensors working again? If not, I’d recommend contacting customer support.

Wyze Customer Support

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I’m having the same issue and have not been able to correct it. I emailed customer support on Saturday and have yet to get a response.

Thanks for letting me know! May I please have your support ticket number?

my case is #736104. But my issue finally fixed itself after a reboot of the cam/bridge after around the 25th hour. the only visible net change was the announced firmware release on 8/24.

To be clear I had done the usual of rebooting cam/bridge a few times before the issue self-resolved just to see if services would kick back in. There were no issues turning on/off wyze devices manually at any given time. Just issues with the sensor detecting motion. The red LED on wyze sense would light up, but would never register in the system. and after the first trigger, the red LED never lit up again until the issue was resolved.

Thanks! I see that your ticket only informed us that it wasn’t working so I responded and then closed it instead of sending it to the team. Looks like you received a bounceback that closed the ticket pending a response from you.

Any chance you sent in a log when it was having trouble registering motion? I’d be happy to get that to the team.

i did not do that. would you mind providing directions on how to do that and i’ll do it next time when it occurs when i open a case?

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Thank you very much! To send a log, go into Account in the Wyze app and select Help & Feedback. The send a log option is in there. Logs go directly to the devs and don’t receive responses but you can give me the log number so I can surface it with a report I make. :slight_smile:

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My sensor bridge has had numerous offline periods over the past several weeks. The status led would change from solid blue to solid yellow almost daily and sometimes multiple times per day. A restart on the connected camera would not correct the offline status. Only physically unplugging the bridge from the camera and then plugging it back in would cause the bridge to initiate and reconnect. Even with this, I could not add any new sensors.

I noticed that this particular problem started about the time that I upgraded the V2 camera firmware to the latest version - So, as a test, I restored the camera firmware to the previous version - - and, the sensor bridge offline problem went away. Plus, I can again add new sensors. It’s holding steady for a nearly a week now.


I also noticed all my sensors are offline. Upgrading firmware solved it, but 2 big issues:

  1. all the history has been reset
  2. I did not receive any notification they were offline - I only noticed by accident

Is this normal? not optimal IMO.

I also started having this problem tonight. My lights weren’t working. Just like Fuxxnuts, “The red LED on wyze sense would light up, but would never register in the system. and after the first trigger, the red LED never lit up again until the issue was resolved.” And like rmoff, “A restart on the connected camera would not correct the offline status. Only physically unplugging the bridge from the camera and then plugging it back in would cause the bridge to initiate and reconnect.” I switched from the provided 1A power supply to a 1.5A power supply but that has not helped. Did the bridge maybe go bad?

No notifications alerts. I have unplugged camera and reset the sensors. nothing smh HELP

Log ID 39030. @WyzeGwendolyn

Happening right now again… it’s been disfunctional since the last 5 hours or so.

I’ve rebooted the cam and bridge with no difference in functionality. I see the red led light up on the sensor the first time I trigger it and then from that point forth it just is dead. The wyze app does not show motion for the sensor either

Hi Everyone!

For those who might stumble into this thread about Wyze motion sensors constantly going offline…

Apparently this is a known issue with Wyze sensors where you will need to reset them physically by removing the wyze bridge from the wyze cam every time that wyze has a maintenance window.

Few things to note:

  1. Wyze does not currently inform customers of any maintenance window.
  2. As a short-term (hopefully) fix, they expect customers to remove the bridge, and reattach the bridge to their cams. So if you were using the sensors to trigger an event, you might be SOL randomly.
  3. There is some kind of more permanent fix sometime in the future, but much like everything else, this could be just fluff. Log #39030 was filed for this and tagged to case #736104.

So in short, wyze sensors will remain unreliable, and there is no fix. If this is happening to you too, i suggest creating a case and a separate log as well to file against this problem and then reply here to this thread with both your LOG # and CASE #

While I would imagine it would be in their best interest in solving this issue before they begin to lose customers, they might not necessarily care as the masses might not realize its happening until after they make the sale. For me, it was about $11 USD a sensor (including shipping) which is a nuisance. It actually makes me somewhat regret buying into their ecosystem at all.

-------[ chat log interaction below] -------
(11:03:05) Ian : We are experiencing a brief outage due to maintenance that’s impacting sensors.
(11:03:37) Fuxxnuts: so after each unannounced maintenance window, i will need to remove and readd the bridge from the cam?
(11:04:06) Ian : That’s right.
(11:04:21) Ian : Pardon me for the hassle this issue may have caused you, Fuxxnuts.
(11:04:23) Fuxxnuts: how will I know when the maintenance windows will occur since Wyze does not announce them to the customers?
(11:04:41) Ian : We’ve checked your sensors a while back and it’s working fine.
(11:05:30) Fuxxnuts: Right, but can you take a look at my question above?
(11:05:57) Ian : Here’s the link to get updates about Wyze community: Join Our Community – Wyze
(11:05:58) Fuxxnuts: How does Wyze expect customers to phsyically reset wyze bridges without even advanced notice of a maintenance window?
(11:06:24) Ian : No ETA yet on when this issue will be permanently fixed.
(11:06:26) Fuxxnuts: yeah but @WyzeGwendolyn already told me that wyze doesnt announce updates
(11:06:48) Fuxxnuts: oh. so there’s a fix for this some time in the future?
(11:06:57) Fuxxnuts: ok…
(11:07:28) Fuxxnuts: well if thats all you can really share with me, i guess i’ll consider this case closed. but do be aware this will likely scare off future customers if the platform is unreliable
(11:07:56) Ian : Since you’ve submitted already a log. You will be assisted by one of our product experts about this issue.
(11:08:09) Fuxxnuts: especially when i share my interactions here about having to physically reset the bridge after unannounced wyze maintenance windows
(11:08:27) Fuxxnuts: okay, well, so when can i expect to hear from a product expert?
(11:08:45) Ian : Those are the troubleshooting steps that we recommend to ease this issue.
(11:09:33) Fuxxnuts: Ian i’m sure you can appreciate the situation here. If you use wyze sense and they stopped randomly working and become unreliable, wouldnt it be problematic for you?
(11:09:48) Ian : Once there’s a new update about this issue. You will also receive an update.
(11:10:11) Ian : That would be a hassle to me too.

--------[ END OF CHAT]