No security service for 7 days!


My monitoring systems stop working after I update the firmware.


I attempt to reach Wyze on 12/25/22

No one is working, even to address HOME SECURITY


I speak with Wyze outsourced call center and troubleshoot for 31 minutes. They inform me that the firmware update corrupted the Wyze sense hub and that they would be sending me a new one in the mail

So we’ve established that the fault of my system failure was caused by wyze and not myself.


I receive the replacement wyze sense hub and connect it to my router, to power, and to my wyze app. Upon completing this task i realize that there is no way to connect my sensors to this hub without removing them from the respective locations they were originally placed, with the original adhesive, and be able to have them stick again. I had two phone calls with wyze techs trying to explain this. They did not understand what i was trying to convey. I was continuously put on hold or mute and eventually told that the conversation must be taken to email. I pleaded with them to allow me to talk with someone who can help me resolve this issue today and get the security of my family back in place, but i was told it must be taken to email. I was NEVER EMAILED

REGARDING THE MATTER. One phone call was 26 minutes and the other was 33 minutes both with no resolve.


I called again and asked to speak with someone who could resolve this security

Issue and was on the line for 13 minutes with two holds… and was told again that this needed to be taken to email. I asked her to assure me that this issue would in-fact be taken to email and she stated it would… we’ll see i guess

Wyze, do you seriously have no competent agent that is able to resolve my seemingly simple issues. JUST SEND ME NEW SENSORS!!

Wyze, do you understand the the gravity of being a provider of home security? Did you not think of scenarios of service interruptions and how to solve them?

Wyze, are you ok with your customers being without security for days when they are paying for it?

Wyze, please have someone contact me back immediately who can resolve this issue and secure my family again.


Sorry for the inconvenience, If you are talking about the V2 Sensors, you can press the button on the side of the sensors to pair them again. If there is no button, there should be a pin hole you can use to pair them again. I have paired them to a new hub, in the past, and did not have to remove them from the location they were at.

Just trying to provide an alternative to get your sensors connected again.


You should be able to reconnect them by pressing the button on the side of the sensor without removing them as @spamoni suggested.

I do apologize for the issues with the support team, did they happen to give you any support ticket numbers I could follow up on?


I did want to add a couple more helpful options…they did a great job above of explaining that you can leave them in place with the original adhesive and just press the setup button from there. The setup button looks like this:

Another option is to detach the sensor from the the back cover as if you are going to replace the battery. There is a little slot on one of the sides, and you can stick something in it, like a butter knife or something and twist or push upward to pry off the back cover and leave it attached to the door or window or whatever while you replace the battery or do whatever you want to do with the sensor, like set it up.

There is no need to ever remove the original adhesive unless you need to relocate the sensor. Then in that case, you can simply tear off the existing adhesive and use any double-sided tape. I say this from experience because when I moved houses, I brought all my sensors with me and had to put them up at the new house. I just tore off the old adhesive and slapped on some double-sided tape and it worked perfectly. For some of my sensors I even used 3M Command Velcro Picture Hanging strips. You can buy the small ones, or buy large strips and cut them to size. It works great to be honest:

All 3 of those are great solutions for this use-case, and I have done all three myself.

Hope some of these are helpful, and I hope you can get your system restored quickly. :+1:


double sided gorilla tape is pretty good Target carries it if you don’t have a depot or a lowes nearby.

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