Stay away from home monitoring! run!

I’ve had Wyze home monitoring for over 2 years now. Suddenly my system stopped sending alerts of when my alarm is triggered to the monitoring company, moonlight. Wyze told me to contact noonlight. I did they explained Wyze was no longer sending notifications that my alarm has been tripped and it was on Wyzes end. Long story short I’ve gone back and forth the last few days and in the end was basically told we can’t fix it or do anything we are closing your ticket. It’s simply the worst customer service I’ve ever received. It’s mind blowing how little this company cares about paying customers. Literally said there is nothing they can do but close the ticket?? I proceeded to tell them I deserve a refund since my service stopped working in August. So what did they do? Gave me a prorated refund of $6 for the month and cut my service off. No where did I say turn my services off and how is $6 covering the service I paid for and wasn’t receiving since August of 23?? Again terrible customer service. I think getting a refund for the time the service hasn’t been working is a fair request. I think it’s an extremely minimal request. I paid for something I haven’t been receiving. But then to just cut off my service so now my house really isn’t being protected and I have a bunch of equipment that is completely useless?? Mind blowing. Upon reading these threads apparently this is a very common occurrence with the home monitoring system. Also it’s apparent the terrible customer service is overwhelming common. Drove a loyal customer right out the door as I own a Wyze watch, ear buds, vacuum, 5 cameras, the home monitoring system including sensors for every door and every window in my house. Just sad. You’ve been warned.

When did you first contact Wyze about your HMS not working? What is the date of your first support ticket?

March 27th.

Just out of curiosity, if it hadn’t been working for you since August, why did you wait until March to contact Wyze about the issue? I totally understand wanting my money back for something that hasn’t been working for me, but I am not sure I would expect a company to credit me back for something from months or almost a year earlier that I didn’t report to them sooner. They may have no way to verify that I am telling the truth that it hasn’t been working that long. I don’t know how long those system logs are kept for. I would probably hope that they would credit me back a prorated refund back to the day I first reported the problem to them.

I am surprised the representative didn’t first try to RESET the service and see if that fixed it. If it didn’t, I would’ve expected them to possibly try a warranty replacement and see if a different hub resolved the situation. What kind of troubleshooting did they do with you?

While I can’t say for certain, since I was not involved and don’t know the details, on the surface it sounds to me like this representative may not have followed the policies correctly in an attempt to resolve the issue. I would certainly be frustrated too if I experienced what you did. Can you post your support ticket number here so I can potentially pass your situation on to someone at Wyze? I’d like to share your feedback and situation to them at a minimum. Thanks for sharing the frustration you’ve gone through. I think this will be good for someone at Wyze to hear.

They can see my log, they can also contact noonlight who can confirm it hasn’t been working that long. I didn’t realize it stopped working that long ago until noonlight told me that’s when it stopped. You can try and wrap it up anyway you want but bottom line is I was paying for a service I never received and they are refusing to fix the issues. And guess what… I’m far from the only one who’s experienced this with home monitoring and with their customer service reps. They are ignoring issues with home monitoring just like they ignored the fact that their cameras had flaws leaving them easily hackable for 2+ years. Company is a joke. Ticket number 3760880