Wyze Home Monitoring auto-renewed nearly 3 months early, refuses to refund

After 6 or 7 back & forth messages with support I turn here before disputing the charge with my bank. Wyze monitoring started 7/2022, renewed 7/2023 and yesterday (4/16/24) I was charged for another renewal of 12 months. This is nearly 3 months early, no notice and worse, customer service simply states, no refunds when I contact them, even after providing receipts to show purchase dates. I really used to love these products but now they are buggie, right now all of my hub linked sensors are offline. The recent video footage issue, all of this I was willing to look away, but now to not immediately apologize and make it right by reversing the invalid charge simple blows my mind. Anyone have any idea how to get them to look at my receipt I attached so they can see they are wrong, or do I just dispute the illegitimate charge via my bank?

Please post your support ticket number and I (or another volunteer if they submit it before I get back to it) will escalate this to someone to look into on your behalf. :+1:

Amazing and a huge thank you for any help! [Wyze Ticket 3805986] Re: Wyze Home Monitoring | cancel subscription

Thank you. I have escalated your situation to have someone higher up review the situation.

From what you have said here, it seems clear to me that there was an issue that should be resolved. I have advocated for your situation in the back channels I have available to me. It may take a couple of business days, but someone will look into it. If you haven’t heard anything by mid-next week, feel free to send me a reminder notice to see if I can follow-up for you. :+1:

To be clear, I don’t work for Wyze, but I do have some ability to get some selective important things to people when it seems a support agent may have been mistaken in their conclusions and this seems pretty straight forward to me if everything you said is correct. So I’ll have someone review it. :wink:

Zero follow up. Started my bank fraud department on it. Below is the order showing a July date, just so you know I’m not fabricating. My guess is this is an amazing scam and very lucrative. I’m going to ensure everyone knows.

Thanks, I’ll go poke at someone. I looked up the status on my escalation submission and it hasn’t been addressed yet. I’ll go make sure it gets seen.

Thank you! I ordered the home security package on 7/7/22, set up for annual contract that renewed 7/2023 and now it’s renewing 4/24 and no discussions no refunds, like I am the bad guy. Really weird, it’s the security monitoring service that robbed me! I can find humor in that. Just frustrating when they’re obviously wrong, I have receipts showing so, but they refuse to look at it. Can’t wait to give the whole darn system to the new buyer of the home and be done with it

Still zero. I just reported fraudulent charges and submitted the documents. Cc reversed the charges. I’ll report to bbb and blast them on fb until I feel better. Really a crap company