Wyze...absolutely the WORST customer service. Charged my card TWICE and won't fix

I cannot tell you how angry this company has made me!

My Home Monitoring renewed for $99 2 days ago, and it immediately bricked the Wyze App on my phone. Customer service (if you can call it that) which is outsourced to the Philippines, was totally unable to troubleshoot the problem even though I’ve seen several posts in these forums since FEBRUARY from people having the same problem!!

Finally their only solution was to refund my Home Monitoring. OK great, that’s stupid but whatever. 2 days later (today), I check my credit card and they CHARGED ME AGAIN instead of refunding!!!

I’m blowing a [Mod Edit] gasket at this point and customer service is unable to help. They refuse to give me a phone number to a United States citizen, saying my only choice is to email Support.

I’ve emailed Support 3+ times today with no response. I’m starting to think this company is run by Sam Bankman Fried of FTX.

I will be contesting the charges on my card obviously, and taking my business elsewhere. These [Mod Edit] will be out of business soon enough, as karma doesn’t forget.

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