Do not buy home monitoring

I used to sing the praise of Wyze to anyone and everyone. I have almost 1 of everything they have made! I have given their products as gifts! But after some of the WORST customer service I have EVER had I absolutely would not recommend their products going forward.

It seems to be a typical story I have read on this forum. They did not auto-renew my home monitoring for no apparent reason. I had to go in and do it manually. They took payment but now many days later the service is not working. I have spent HOURS on the phone with no success. The support person I was speaking with on the phone eventually “elevated” my call to a superior but it was only through email. I followed all the various suggestions in the email but still no success. The final suggestion was to send a log file. After sending the log file I was told she could not read it and it will be sent to the engineering dept. she also told me there was nothing more that can be done and the ticket was therefore closed! Oh, and to watch for any future updates! Are you kidding me?!?? This is your perverted version of service?! You should be ashamed and embarrassed… but instead you’re too busy counting the money you conned me and others out of. I am embarrassed for you.

Welcome to the Wyze forum @paulcharabin and I am sorry to hear of your experience.

Do you have any or all of your support ticket numbers. I will see if I can get this looked into.

Please note, I am a forum community volunteer and not a Wyze employee.