Home Monitoring Tab is stuck at renew service

The subscription is supposedly end in May 2023 states in website but the app asking for renew. Ok going to renew it but it just stuck there ask to send you email to renew.

Never received the email and it can’t let me pass thro the renew page to get back my home monitoring tab or letting me just to renew the subscription.

So what’s the point? Chat with rep. already and asked to wait till they get back to you but I can’t even turn on or off the home monitoring system from my app now.

FIX IT NOW plz… Is super annoying …

Please go to the following thread and reply to this post from the Wyze Team Member who is currently looking into this:

Even created ticket and talked to rep hours ago… No response or answer

It takes time. I know you don’t want to hear that, but I can tell you that Ryan is very involved in the HMS and takes its success personally. You really can’t get any higher technical support at Wyze for the HMS than him. If there is an issue, I am confident he will find it and spearhead a solution… Much faster than Customer Support.

Since he has already made contact in that thread and is actively responding, posting new threads isn’t going to help get a solution.

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Still not working!!!

I got email but only telling me is an known issues… Heck, I know that is an issue, that’s why I have created the ticket and sending log …

2 days already… Still no answer, no result…

Why do you guy suddenly charge my credit card without permission on April 6, the day that you guys having the HMS problems for couple days

While you guys were having problems of my home monitoring System but suddenly charging me without any receipt, any notification and so on.

This is ridiculous!

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Still no answer, no response and just ignoring my question???