Worthless Home Monitoring System

I bought a Wyze Home Monitoring System at the end of September, 2021. Yesterday, I wanted to change my debit card info on their website, because I had just changed banks. According to their website, I had NO home mon. service, and NO Cam Plus service. I had both, and were paid up for a year. After HOURS on the phone with them, they managed to put TWO monitoring services on their website, I only had one. They managed to take one off, but did not add my Cam Plus license to their website. A few minutes later, I opened their app, clicked on the “Home Monitoring” tab on the bottom, and on my phone screen I got a full-screen message saying I ONLY had 180 days left of paid monitoring service. I paid for a year of monitoring service less than 2 months ago, and they KNOW that. I can’t get the message off the screen, which means I CAN’T use the Home Monitoring section of the app. My system is worthless now, because Wyze made it so. They put it to me. They screwed me. I asked one of their agents to send me an email before they closed last night, telling me when everything would be fixed. She said she would. She did not.

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Do you have a ticket number for the call? I’m sure Wyze would like to review the process.

I don’t want to be a negative Nancy here, but I just don’t understand when anybody would trust Wyze with Home Monitoring. These camera’s are cheap at $20 so that’s a plus. That’s were the pluses come to an end.

Issues I’ve had (forever)

  1. No or late notifications (They HAVE improved lately by NOT perfect)
  2. Removal of hardware Person Detection (which I paid for when I bought the hardware)
  3. Addition of free cloud Person Detection (It took a few months but it’s fair and only available on V1 & V2)
  4. Detection of non persons as persons
  5. Numerous firmware update (which should be a plus, but they almost always break something else)
  6. SD cards data goes missing (People REALLY need to check their cards every once in a while)
  7. Dead camera’s (random dead camera’s, fairly rare but does happen)
  8. Time and date displayed on SD footage is wildly off (Useless for police if anything happened)
  9. Increase of sound sensitivity which makes monitoring sound useless (started about 4 F/W updates ago)

I can go on… (BTW, I’m an IT professional so I know what I’m doing)

These are great (at this price point) for simple camera monitoring. 100% useless for any kind of security, let alone paying for it.

Sorry to all the cheer leaders, but that’s my take…

I’m sure Wyze with this post will come out with a Wyze Air Fryer to try and my us all happy. They really need to work on their core products, cameras instead of new products.

BTW, just purchased my 1st Ring product, day and night difference in reliability.


That is exactly why I got rid of my Ring

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I assume you mean Wyze, but I understand.

I take it as them saying their Ring experience was less than satisfactory.

I guess it could go either way. I was saying my Ring is more reliable and he said “That is exactly why I got rid of my Ring” which makes no sense to my comment unless he was talking about Wyze.

I’ve had better luck with my “cheap” Wyze doorbell than I ever did with my “expensive” Ring doorbell.

As it turns out, Wyze says they are sending me a new hub, because that went bad, too. They took the renewal screen off my app, so I can use the Home Monitoring portion of the app, should my system ever work again.

So no ticket numbers for the calls? I’m sure Wyze would like to review the process.