Has anyone thought of a class action lawsuits against Wyze?

OK. It is getting worse than ever with Wyze. Doorbell not calling my phone when someone rings the doorbell. Now my home monitoring is not working. Every time I open the app and go to monitoring it keeps asking me to register when I have an account. Cannot get past registering the address keeps saying error. I have deleted, reset, reinstall, etc.
They are not providing the services we paid for, and all they keep saying is we will pass it along to engineering. They owe money back for my monthly monitoring bill since it is not working.
Wyze,you used to be good, except for all the security vulnerability you exposed your user too.

You will find several other posts that have suggested this. However, my suggestion, cancel your subscriptions and move to another product. These issues have been on-going and I haven’t seen much improvement.

I had the HMS system, got it early on to play with it. For me, playing was all I used if for, as I never found it reliable enough or having enough flexibility to use it for real protection.

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