Has anyone thought of a class action lawsuits against Wyze?

OK. It is getting worse than ever with Wyze. Doorbell not calling my phone when someone rings the doorbell. Now my home monitoring is not working. Every time I open the app and go to monitoring it keeps asking me to register when I have an account. Cannot get past registering the address keeps saying error. I have deleted, reset, reinstall, etc.
They are not providing the services we paid for, and all they keep saying is we will pass it along to engineering. They owe money back for my monthly monitoring bill since it is not working.
Wyze,you used to be good, except for all the security vulnerability you exposed your user too.

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You will find several other posts that have suggested this. However, my suggestion, cancel your subscriptions and move to another product. These issues have been on-going and I haven’t seen much improvement.

I had the HMS system, got it early on to play with it. For me, playing was all I used if for, as I never found it reliable enough or having enough flexibility to use it for real protection.


There are lot’s of issues with Wyze. Fist, my V3’s started fogging up (no fix or replacement from Wyze, told to toss them and buy new ones, sure). Second, now my V2’s are turning PINK! I guess the IR filter starts to stick (no fix, toss and replace). I’m sure there are more problems to come. Third, Wyze updates brick’s camera’s. Almost every update bricks at least one camera. I have to manually unbrick which takes about an hour of my time. There are class actions out there, but it’s for security issues.

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I am starting to get the magenta / pink cast as well. Not cool to have to throw away and buy more. Can anyone make a quality product anymore.

It’s been over 2 years and Wyze/noonlight has failed to apply for the alarm permit, which is the law for my city. There are an unknown amount of users that will not have emergency services dispatched when needed.

Simplisafe is compliant, I have not found out out any reason they have not obtained the permit, I have contacted the city and they gave both noonlight and Wyze the information needed.

Wyze keeps passing it over to contact noonlight, noonlight says they are working on it.

No idea what you are talking about. Confusion sets in…

Tim, maybe this will help:

I have been paying for Wyze Home Monitoring service since it was released, however for my city the monitored alarm service provider is required to obtain the permit on behalf of the user (a lot of other cities have the user obtain the permit), if an alarm goes off emergency services may not be dispatched because the location is not registered with the city.

Also CNET just dropped their recommendation of wyze due to the continual security issues, mainly after the one last month when people had access to other members video feeds.

Yikes! I got it now. Seems like they “gotcha”. And with no assistance/fixes from Wyze it’s a double whammy. SMH

these are low cost nice cameras, even with subscription plan, some models are cheap, i bought two to per site which i need anyway in case of incident or firmware update failure. it is more practical this way. if i need retrieve recordings it is very convenient to replace camera, go home with camera and retrieve recordings.
sure there are problems but at least there is community where you are treated seriously and there is a lot of useful hacks for more advanced users

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Have to ask, why do you continue to pay for a service that doesn’t work? I gave up on Wyze HMS quite some time ago.

Pre-paid for the year , and they won’t refund for the service or the devices. Devices won’t work in a passive monitoring setup without paying for the service.

HMS has been released for several years, which is why I asked. What do you mean by passive monitoring…Test mode? That wasn’t worth $99/year for me. I’ve moved on to YoLink for my home security stuff. They have door, motion, outdoor motion, water and temperature sensors as well as alarms, sirens and voice hubs. They also do SMS and email notification along with pushes from within the app. They have water control valves that can be shutoff if a leak is detected. Also, no annual/monthly charge.

My subscription is is less since I had it pre-launch. I also invested in hundreds of dollars on connected devices, to work with the monitoring system, that they will not refund, so it would be a much larger full loss to completely cut.

Wyze keeps saying they will get the permit and everything is fine.

I have been testing their products since they started and I had to pull my recommendations a year ago after several issues. I am hoping they get things figured out so I can go back to recommending them.

Googled to see if there was a class action against them yet after my experience with the home monitoring recently. It stopped working and Wyze basically said they can’t fix it and was closing the ticket. Unreal how terrible they treat their customers