What is wrong with you Wyze?

First, you broke the Doorbell Camera few weeks ago with a faulty firmware.
Now, you broke the Camera V3 detection zone with a faulty app.

Basically, 100% of my Wyze products have been either rendered useless or unreliable within 3 weeks.

What is wrong with your software department? It’s clear that basic QA has not been performed.

We, your customers, would REALLY appreciate if you could get your act together and fix your stuff in order for us to continue trust a company we chose to support.

Thanks in advance.


Same here - the rewind slider has disappeared from event view ( only live view now) until the whole event had been uploaded to Wyze servers … Useless for my purposes

Since the last app update my V3s are missing some events - I have watched animals and people walk through the field of view and no event is recorded - very random occurrence which makes me not trust them.


It’s the same level of F/W and S/W QA that Wyze has been demonstrating since I bought my first V2 - 3 years ago in April '19. Back then the near automatic ‘canned’ response to these types of things consisted of:

“We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”
“We’re trying to do better.”
“We are putting procedures in place to make sure this never happens again.”
Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

Lots of idle talk and empty promises, but no concrete (or even muddy) results. In fact, I’ve noticed they (Wyze) no longer respond to these issues, not even with more empty promises or apologies.

This long term trend can have only 2 reasons - incompetence or apathy, or both. I’m betting on both. :angry:


On my 2nd Wyze v3. the first one just failed.
The 2nd one has this “error code 90” failure. I went through the trouble shooting process and LAUGHED.
It appears WYZE is CLUELESS regarding the cause and provides a 20+ step “solution”.
I deleted, reinstalled camera and next day, the same failure.
Instead of wasting more time with these clowns, I went with “reolink”. ROCK SOLID performance - could not be happier. Have 6 now and will purchase 2 more .
There’s an reolink Windows app that allows me to view up to 36 cameras.

VOTE with your WALLET. Either these WYZE clowns go broke, or they start peddling reliable products.
No need to thank me.

UPDATE: Seems the two WYZE v3 connection failures mentioned above were due to network or Motorola modem/router problems.

STILL, why should a hiccup in router require reinstalling cameras?


After an “update” my wyzecam3 its difficult to view as in splotchy, blurry especially with motion. Night vision useless, just squiggles moving, pixelating entire screen. They sent me a replacement v3 six days ago and it does not stay powered longer then 14 seconds and has no restart button. Just a black hole when the button should be. Filed another ticket to replace the “replacement” and haven’t heard back. So they are not going to honor the warranty on either products nor refund any portion of the year subscription for extra service I purchased 2 months ago. I can’t use ANY of the products & service I paid for. Let me say this again: I CAN"T USE ANY OF THE CAMERAS & SERVICE I PAID FOR and they don’t care to respond.

+1 for poor QA procedures.

The most recent version of the Wyze app also breaks landscape orientation viewing: App no longer works in landscape orientation on iPad.


Occuring with my Wyze V3’s in the back yard… the Raccoons made it through the back yard without CamPlus seeing them… but my Amcrest floodlight cam saw them, which had me search the MicroSD cards on those two V3’s to discover the Raccoons footage made it to the MicroSD cards.

Makes one wonder, Do the folks at Wyze who implement these changes actually use the products they are making these changes on? I’d say they don’t use them in any meaningful way, as there are quite a few bugs that make it to production that should not.



I totally agree


Because of the app or more likely the firmware, i have an 11 hour time lapse i did on my v3 camera that I cant download until they fix whatever the issue is… 2 days before I was able to download a previous time lapse… after their BS, i cant download it. I get that “error downloading, make sure you are connected to the camera”… ive also noted that if i try to time sync any of my cameras (Pan v2, outdoors and a v3, i get the “unstable network connection”…

seems something really buggered up a lot of things… i really, REALLY want to download my latest time lapse… this sucks…

Wonder when they will have this fixed. anyone else having the download issue?


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A really terrible work around to get the time lapse is to remove the SD card and put it in a computer. From what I’ve heard it isn’t quite that simple since the time lapse is a series of files you need to re-assemble on the computer for a continuous video. I’ve never done it so don’t have exact information on how to accomplish it.

I haven’t done it either, but am told VLC will seamlessly play and/or stream / transcode from that SD.

100% here too on the V3 cam. Why all of a sudden does it stop recording Cam Plus service events? Out of the blue, I literally have to hard reset (unplug) these things every week to get them to reset and work.
I am really at the point I will likely switch. I need something stable.

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yeah, did that but they are in that .h268 or something format, and i really want it in mp4 as usual… i love VLC but i want this in its normal format!

I don’t think Wyze actually uses their own products. Otherwise they would actually work. I’ve submitted tickets for support and NEVER heard from them. Numerous times too. Is this really how they treat customers? Like what’s the point?

Every Fixit Friday/Update literally addresses none of the problems I’ve been screaming about for however long now? I feel like at this point they should be paying me to use their cameras. I’m getting rid of mine when my subscription runs out.

Tired of asking for help and getting zilch. They’ve broke my cameras by removing the slider since I can’t see what triggered live events. I guess camera monitoring isn’t a priority with Wyze.


Update to my own experience today. No Cam Plus events recording for the past 2 days. Not on either camera (I have 2). Unplugged only one of them for a hard reset, plugged it back in then all of a sudden both cameras start recording “Events” within a few minutes of each other.
CLEARLY, it is an account QA issue with Wyze. Somehow reengaging one of the cameras after Cam Plus goes offline resets the account and they all spring back to life.
Frustrating as can be.

They will not reinstate the slider - they removed it to save money, although one of their people on here denied that and said it was to improve stability and latency - the usual "technical’ excuse that I have heard from other technology companies numerous times.

I thought Wyze had a different ethos to other companies but I was mistaken - they are too busy trying to sell lawn sprinklers and robot vacuum cleaners etc


Wyze is too busy releasing new products that won’t work as advertised, instead of fixing their software. Everyone on the software team, including managers, should be fired and then Wyze should spend the money on hiring talented people. They should stop releasing new products and focus on fixing what they currently have. This company has lost their way and just about greed now. They spend more money on their product promotional videos than the actual products. It’s really gotten old and soon enough it will bite Wyze in their butts, as their reputation for selling buggy products becomes more and more known.


And it is not just buggy software. The slider on the events screen was removed purposely - which shows that nobody at Wyze actually uses their cameras … if they did then they would know that it is important to be able to see what triggered an event, not just look at the live view after the trigger has long gone.

I have a firmware update just arrived - I don’t know if I have the courage to install it !!!



Unless there is something your cams or app are suffering from, I would suggest waiting. I haven’t updated for some time because my system is relatively stable right now. My last update was the Thermostat forced update. Unless there is some new feature I have to have, it’s not going to happen. Otherwise I will be the one chasing bugs around.

Every time they announce a new update, I watch that thread for feedback on what new things they broke. Until they release a stable update, I’m not updating. I don’t foresee an update to the slider bar issue, but it probably won’t be in the app or firmware as it is a cloud side decision. Just watching the threads to see if they actually have the stones to discuss it honestly and not spin it.


Just the usual stuff - mainly if I use detection zones the cameras seem less sensitive to motion. A hedgehog walking around triggers an event without detection zone switched on but isn’t detected when the zone is active. The only way I knew was I saw it on my Tinycam feed to a tablet.

I’ll leave it - it’s just not worth the risk of it breaking something.

What a situation to be in! - expecting updates to be faulty, I have not had this problem very often with other companies … even TUYA seen to have got their act together!