Cams V3 not recording properly since updated around 10/31

Cams V3 not recording properly since updated around 10/31
below is what wyze responded LMAO

After that, this request will be closed as we are unable to offer any further troubleshooting. For now, let’s check the app and firmware updates from time to time as it may contain the fix for the issue. If the issue persists after those updates, please continue to submit logs so that our engineers can continue improving our devices

I have the same issue, Wyze allowed me a few days worth of recording once I signed up for the Camlight $0 plan. Days later, my cameras reverted back to photos only. Not to mention all the ads to buy cloud recording …

I have Cam Plus on all My Cameras (5) and they basically said im SOL. guess its time to check out other providers, ring, blink or eufy is looking like great alternatives…

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I ran Blink & Wyze. I liked the Scheduling in Wyze. Blink sent an email and stated I was grandfather in to their free cloud recording. I purchased 2 more Blinks and their doorbell a few months ago.

Blink’s policy = Existing Account Storage

Accounts that were created before April 16, 2020 continue to have the original 7200 seconds per Sync Module of cloud storage.

I did buy the Wyze scale as it is not a Security issue.

@Tommy.Z @rubengarcia2981 Sorry for the trouble here. Any chance you could send me some device logs regarding those stop-working cameras? I will start the investigation on my end. Thanks in advance!


Sure appreciate any help u may provide
787220 - 787192 - 787242 - 787269 - 787350 - 787504 -

those are just a few I’ve probably submitted over 100 to wyze
I have 5 v3 cams all with cam plus for almost 2 years now

I have power cycled all many times, deleted and then reinstalled , removed license and re-added, turned on and off

Of the 5 cams currently only 3 are recording with mostly events not being uploaded to the cloud and I create a log and submit it
the other 2 are not recording at all


787890 - 787885
2 recent ones. thanks

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Looks like some logs are just app log. Please make sure you select the actual device when submitting. Thank you!

Not sure I follow what that means

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No worries. When submit a log, please select the V3 camera instead of wyzeapp & services. So I could get the device log for the V3 camera. Thanks!

It happens sporadically on all devices, still not following what you need

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Yes. So when you submitting logs for all 5 devices. Please make sure you select V3 camera when submitting the log.

Still do not understand what you mean , you need the name i gave the camera, the model type, serial number, I’m lost here

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All my cams that have cam plus are v3

Let me direct message you.

I will try next week, I am moving this week. I do have one of the Wyze cams pointed at the back door, I am trying to see what is coming through the doggie hoe eating my dog’s food. I do not have all cameras in place at this point. How do i get these logs?

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Let me direct message you. Thanks!

hi, were you able to find anything ?

I’ve submitted many logs, never once have they been responded too. So, good luck. Online chat said they don’t respond, they use the logs for what needs to be fixed if enough ppl submit a log for the same thing.

3 cameras are recording, but no events. No person detection since October.

Can anyone recommend a more stable product that has actual support? Maybe I’ll try my Yi camera again.

Wyze won’t look at a log unless asked too and provided the log number. WyzeDesmond is looking into this issue, and if you still have those logs they may be helpful.