Video Not Successfully Uploaded to the Cloud

Lately my V3 experiences an issue of not uploading the video to the cloud and is happening at least once a day, sometimes more. There is nothing wrong with my home WiFi and the camera has a strong signal to it, at it’s location. It never used to have this problem before, so I can only assume it’s just another firmware issue. My V2 cameras don’t have this issue, but they still have the pink flash problem. Please Wyze, fix your software!

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Wyze os currently working on it. You can go here to see the outages or issues:

This is the latest Service Status:

10/8/21 5:00 PM PT - We’re seeing a drop in the success rate of Cam Plus Event playback. While the strong majority of videos are playing as expected, we take this seriously and are working with our partners to investigate why this drop has occurred and repair it. Thank you for your patience


Are they also working on videos that keep trying to load but never play, unless I close the video and open it back up again?

Interesting sounds like eather you have a component failure, try a hard reboot boot and if you still have an issue I would do a ticket with wyze,the software is just fine all of our cameras are working just fine

I’ve done all that before. But which issue are you talking about?

Do a troubled ticket

Did you not read the replies after my post? Rebooting or doing a trouble ticket won’t help, as this is a known issue that is effecting many of us right now.

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Getting support on this was like pulling teeth had to talk to about 5 support members and I still have noooo idea what’s wrong with my camera :joy: I bet it’s because of Facebook and and Reddit ! If I was this company that last thing I’d use is stuff like that , didn’t Facebook leak everyone’s info recently

Getting support is pointless because Wyze has already said it’s a known issue that they are looking at.