Your video was not successfully upload

I am frequently seeing error “Your video was not successfully uploaded…” when trying to play cloud videos from my V2 cam (none pan) It started recently. My other cams sometimes have the issue, but one of the V2 has it alot. I tried contacting normal support but indicatex they could not help me because I am on the beta program. I collected logs from the cam, The log ID is 235219. My wifi signal is strong and SD card playback works fine. Any assistance is very appreciated

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This happens on my v3s, pan, and doorbells. It also started recently. The confusing thing is…if the video failed to upload then how did person detection work? Isn’t person detection done in the cloud?

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Started happening on v2 when I upgraded to cam plus,used to work fine prior to that.

Same issue!!! Occurring many, many times on Cam3, Last log sent was 240369. Message said connect with WYZE Support. How do you do that? This site is not very helpful.

Restarting the cam fixed the issue for me.

Thank you. I’ll try it.

Thanks. That worked for me too.
However it only worked forward. I lost all previous 24 hours of notifications from a PLUS cam. These PLUS notifications were sent by Wyze’s AI computers in the cloud; so the videos were indeed uploaded to the cloud. Question is how do I retrieve them? Anybody knows?

What type of camera? Do you have a sd card in the camera? You might still have the footage in that if you have one installed and enabled but the tags won’t be there of course.

Cam3 and yes sd card with plus subscription. I didn’t pull the card to see what’s on it.
We are going on vacation in September and I want to be able to look at the events so they have to be uploaded to the cloud.

Thanks for replying.


o>>>>>>>o It’s a Jeep thing!

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If the sd card is in the cam and local storage is enabled, you should be able to view the saved footage from away via the playback function that is linked on the I’ve view screen. The event tab clips are all your cloud clips, and what notifications are triggered from.

This is happening to me on all three cameras even after rebooting all of them a few times. Any other tips to fix this?


Did anyone ever figure this out? I constantly have this problem on outdoor cameras,

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I have the same damn problem, why pay for a service that we don’t have??? I’m so disappointed of Wyze, they were good but recently it’s going down. I’m going to wait a few more weeks and see if the issue is fixed, if not, I’ll cancel all my plus services!!!

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I’m having the same problem. I have contacted support multiple times and sent logs, etc. They keep saying they are “looking into the issue”. BS. It’s been almost half a year now and nothing has changed. Having the issue on my doorbell pro and all of my OGs. Nothing helps. I have reset multiple times and tried different networks, rebooting, etc… I’m pretty close to switching to something else because this is unacceptable.

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What system can we use as an alternative to Wyze. Most of my cameras are now doing this–failing to upload about 1/3 of my videos. Some have been critical as we’ve had car thefts in the community. Very discouraging. Rather than invest more in Wyze I’m ready to switch.

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