Failures to upload

I’ve got 3 OGs up. Suddenly getting failures to upload randomly and consistently. Two days in from startup.

The 2 Pan V3 are working ok so far.

Is it s bug or server issues at Wyze? I have mesh WiFi, so that’s fairly strong.

I’ve turned them off and on but a couple haven’t recovered yet to upload, yet, 1 has.

They are saving to SD.

Any input?

Something says failure to upload in relation to the Wyze servers? I’d not expect the cams to blurt that out when the app is open and have not seen any issues like that with the Wyze servers at all.

In could be a number of possibilities. You could check the router logs I guess if you feel that you can understand that enough.

Also, check if its the latest firmware in the past days. People are randomly having problems from that connecting or whatever.

All firmware is current per the app.
In the events the vids were 0 on the upload.

Restarting an fiddling with eh app and restarts, cache etc. They’ve been uploading since. So maybe that worked out the bug if it was one. If it happens again I’ll get a screen shot. It was a message popup.