Cameras recording but consistently get error mesage "failed to uplaod" started after most recent update

Cameras appear to be recording but about 75% of clips say “Failed to upload” Wyze customer service is a joke ! - basicallly offering me a full refund on my 5 cam plus licenses to go away ! LOL

also has anyone noticed clips are shorter , before update they averaged 30 seconds now around 11 seconds and stop even though motion is still ocurring, I did a test and yup recording stops


This is an issue Wyze is looking into. Could you get a log from the camera by going to its settings > Wyze support > submit a log. Post the log number here. Thanks!


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Im getting 11-15 second videos with my three cam plus licenses since the firmware upgrade.
My video app will show it’s a 26+ second uploaded video but it ends at around 11sec or so.
I have NEVER experienced a clean firmware or app upgrade with this company.
Submitting log files now.

Good Luck ! I’ve submitted hundreds of logs , all I get is apologies and told not to worry the “engineering” staff is on it and to be rest assured my issue is being worked on !

it’s been 14 days and counting
LMFAO ! I’m going to try a different service and company WYZE was good till it lasted , ever since the last update 10/31/2022 videos are very short, movement and sound recordings are missed
and about half of the videos I get error failed to upload - and to add insult to injury I previously ordered 2 of the wyzeV3 pro cameras and I received 2 of the original V3 cameras

Has anyone seen an update to this issue of getting multiple ‘Failed to Upload ?’ video events ? I’ve got a strong WiFi signal and this continues to happen every day. Restarting the camera (a V1 Pan
Cam) always corrects the issue for me. I’ve never seen this error on my V3 camera or my WCO. Here’s a copy of my Device Info screen, for my Pan cam, and a log I just submitted.

Log#: 813914

I have noticed, while trying to troubleshoot this error, setting the video resolution way down to SD or 360 seems to make it occur less frequently. It seems to be a congestion error maybe caused by too many video events uploaded to the server.

I get about 75 % of my videos with the “failed to upload” message
Have literally submitted 100’s of logs to WYZE to no avail
recently I have also been getting
Event videos are available for cam Plus devices , To use this feature , please go to our services page and assign a service such as Cam plus to thri camera ( I have attached a screenShot here )
All 5 of my V3 cams have Cam Plus, assigned I pay $75 annually for that service, contacting wyze has been USELESS ! they have offered to prorate a refund ,on my service LMAO
So I guess they think that will shut me up ! sadly their technique is going to work, I have looked for alternatives , and after 2 years of great service they have gone down hill fast

This all started with ther 10/31/2022 up date, before that i recall maybe once a month seeing the error message and now its approximately 75% that don’t upload and with now this 2nd issue
of what I think is the camera not recognizing the assigned service , UGGGGHHH

before this update videos were always 25 - 40 seconds as an average now they average 11- 13 seconds and almost always stop even if motion is going on

I stood in front of my camera and waved my arms for 3 minutes which resulted in 10 videos averaging 12 seconds each LMAO, ( yea I looked silly )
also they are not as sensitive as they were before the update, and miss alot of motion…

alas it was good while it lasted , sayonara WYZE, below are the troubleshooting steps I took before deciding to abandon WYZE

Turn off / on
power cycle
format S.D card , New S.D card
Lower from H.D to S.D to 360
completely remove and reinstall
remove license and reissue
Completely Remove App and re download
spoke with 18 " Customer Service Specialists" all promised to correct my issue and not to worry…

Can’t say I didn’t try WYZE’S solution ( prorated refund on Cam Plus Service ) LMAO

Good Luck Everyone !