Video upload doesn’t happen even i have camplus

I have 2 wyze cam v3 and both are connected to same internet connection . Both use the cam plus . While one of the cam uploads the video without issues when ever there is motion. The other doesn’t and throws a error that it could not be uploaded.

The support was of no use as they simply dropped the case . Can someone help?

You have two paid up Cam Plus subscriptions?

Try deleting the camera from the app and setting it up again from scratch and adding cam plus back to it again. This should force it to re-initialize with the service.

What’s the error message?


I tried these steps aswell no luck.

I swapped the cameras to see if network strength was the cause. Yet the camera which wasn’t uploading still had the issue in the new location.


When I navigate to events and select a clip to view playback. It tries to open the clip but eventually just shows a help button. See pic below

It’s very likely your network is either unstable or the channel your WiFi uses is busy. At some point during the video upload, your connection fails.

It’s rare but I get the same error. If this happens regularly, get a better router, Most ISP-supplied routers are mediocre.

I doubt that it is a service provider issue or router because all this while from about 2021 it worked completely fine. Neither did I change the router nor the service provider. I have started noticing this very recently but not sure since how long in terms of months this exists. It worked until dec2023 as far as i know


That’s the other thing, I feel Wyze did change something in the firmware that made it more difficult to sustain camera connections. Some of my cameras are now taking longer to connect.

Have you ran a wifi analyzer recently to see how busy the wifi in your area is? You may have not changed anything, but a neighbor could have set up a new wifi network that shares your channel or something.

I am not this tech savvy but can you help me by telling how to do that?

The point is why does this not work even when I remove the other camera which is able upload. Still the camera with the problem isn’t able to upload.