Video still uploading

I have 7 wyze cams that work perfectly. One, however seems to have a consistent issue. Whenever it captures a video, it’s never available for me to see. I get the error “video still uploading or is unavailable.” I’ve read about this problem and done the following to troubleshoot:

  1. firmware is up to date.
  2. no sd card in camera
  3. restarted it like 50 billion times.
  4. deleted app from iOS and reinstalled

None of my other cameras does this. I wrote to tech support and they told me to reboot it.

Any other ideas?

Does it have great (not just good) internet connection?
Can you swap it with one of the work perfectly cams and see if it’s the power or wifi strength?

Great connection to internet but I’ve not considered it’s the actual camera. I’ll swap 2 of them and see what happens. Thanks!