Failed To Upload Event

I have Cam+ and sometimes when there are several events in a cluster i sometimes cannot view one of the videos. Latest time it happened was 9/23 I had 3 event videos, first two person detected and 3rd just a normal motion event. 1st and 3rd in the sequence are fine, 2nd one shows a thumbnail/screen cap in the event list and when clicked but instead of playing shows “Failed To Upload Event. please check your WiFi Connection”. Click ok on that and I’m returned to the event list. Always the same error. Is it actually possible it did not upload the video even though it is flagged as person detection and shows said person in the thumbnail/screen cap.

Latest iOS app, multiple devices, latest firmware, tried restarting camera, restarting router.

Check out this thread. It’s been an intermittent, nagging issue which has me personally frustrated to the point where I want to sell my Wyze cams and get different hardware/service.

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