Lots of "Failed to Upload" Errors Today

Latest beta app, upgraded the firmware yesterday to

Almost all of the clips in my events are giving me failed to upload. I’ve rebooted, power cycled etc…

Funny thing is, even the ones marked “Person” are giving me the failed to upload error and I know those uploaded otherwise how would the cloud service run the AI to send a person alert?

Anyone else seeing similar behavior?

UPDATE: Wasn’t on the latest beta app when I made this post. Updated and now it says “Error (code 06): Failed to fetch…” no matter what clip I try to view. What is going on??? Submitted a ticket as well, ID 67689

Does the beta firmware fix the detection zone problems?
I am almost willing to try a beta firmware and app at this point.

I only get this error on the cams that have Cam Plus. Yet someone on Facebook claims it’s my wifi. I doubt that and I really wish there was a different method of testing this. But just noticed I didn’t have it upgraded to latest beta. I’ll upgrade now and check back in

I have been getting the same thing, today and last night, and last week. I can see the live feed from my Camera’s, but when I go to look at an event, I get the “Failed to upload event, please check your wifi connection”. So I have cams at 2 locations, internet and wifi are stable at both. Wyze is having web hosting issues, its got to be that, This issue is getting hard to ignore under the premise, “These devices are cheap so don’t complain”.

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