Failure to upload events

Anyone have any issues with the new Cam Plus seevice? 25% of my events get this since I got it:

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@francis_3_3 Welcome to the Wyze community! Yes, I have been experiencing the same issue. My guess it’s another bug in the FW. Only thing we can do is report it and send logs to the devs until they find a fix for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Send a Log

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They said the AWS servers are down, so, obviously, you can’t upload to them.

Wyze has no backup plan to switch to when something happens to the main servers, which is terrible design.


6 days running… can’t watch the most important camera I actually need. I’ve read every excuse so far and it’s still ongoing.

Server still uploading clip, no previews.

Wow, that is an odd one. Are you running a VPN on your device by chance? I had to turn my VPN off on my iPad last week because it was interfering with the Wyze app. This might not be the case with your issue however.


No, I have no VPN. I’ve read last week where you all had figured that out. This image was just taken. Cam Plus is not enabled.

In the morning, I’m pulling the cam, removing card, full restore and go from there.

Thanks for the update. Seems to be a different issue with yours.

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Thank you.

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So no update on this? Still getting this issue…

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You’re better off calling Wyze as this forum isn’t actively used by Wyze employees, just good people helping each other.