Live Stream asking for cam plus now

I tried to log in to view my live streams from my computer this afternoon and everyone of my cam links now says " requires cam plus, and all of my cam plus license are still valid. Whats up? This was just working fine this morning when I logged in.

The company is looking at a possible outage right now, Gwendolyn just posted on Facebook about it a few minutes ago, it could be related to that. Stay tuned we’ll try to keep everyone updated


I can’t use the web viewer because it’s telling me “Live Stream requires Cam Plus” even though I DO have it and it was working fine only a couple of hours ago. When I try to go into the IOS app it says my camera is offline and to connect to the internet even though everything IS connected to the internet. So this is clearly a Wyze problem. anyone from Wyze, if your reading this, please fix it :sob:

There is currently an outage going on.

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sigh it’s happening again. Web viewer not loading, IOS app not loading.

Service Status & Known Issues – Wyze

Wyze is looking into reported issues, the link above will be the place to go to see if anything issues are being looked at


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