Cam plus not working on wyze v3 cams, even the pro

I can watch wise events on wise webview but not in the app in some cases it’s saying it’s only recording 0.00 on the event thumbnail but I cannot watch live view on my new wyze cam V3 pro on there. And then the app I can watch live view but not the events and it’s only letting my SD card go back 20 minutes to an hour I’ve got a different SD card in but I don’t think the SD card is the problem because I haven’t switched them on the other wise V3 regulars and I’m having the same problems on them I even tried downloading the regular wyze app and it still happened in there. Was supposed to be fixed in the last update but now they’re telling me to wait on the next update I’m not sure that’s going to fix it but we’ll see I guess even though I’m paying for cam plus and not getting it hopefully we’ll get back.

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