Wyze doorbell - multiple problems

Hi All -

Just installed my Wyze doorbell and having multiple issues.

  1. It’s throwing multiple errors related to events

Error (code 6): Failed to fetch the video from the cloud.


“Failed to upload event. Please check your wifi connection” (my wifi connection is fine)

I am also getting a terrible hiss in the audio…which seems to now have spread to my other wyze cameras!! (They did not have this problem prior to the doorbell install)

Anyone else seeing this?? What a mess!!


I just installed and get the “Failed to upload event. Please check your wifi connection” error when trying to playback any event. Live feed works fine.

I have a hiss on doorbell audio (sounds like an alien), but hasn’t spread to other cams.

I installed mine last night and am receiving the same errors when trying to view events. The live video feed connects quickly and it shows a strong WiFi signal in the doorbell settings, but receive “Failed to upload event. Please check your WiFi connection” whenever I click on any of the events. My audio seems to be normal so far.

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Same here. Just installed last night.

Same issue here. Tech support says it’s my wifi. Funny that it’s my wifi yet my cameras from another company have zero issues, I have zero issues while gaming or streaming 4K video.

I’m also not getting notifications for movement. If I open the app the event is there but no notification.

This is my first Wyze product, pretty disappointed in Wyze so far.

Same issue. I was hoping support could help but it seems this is a common problem now just searching this page. Pretty useless if you can’t watch recordings. Really hoping they fix it soon. I was so excited to set this up only to find this issue. Live video looks nice though ¯_(ツ)_/¯

+1 with same issue. Following and hoping for a solution.

I have gigbabit fiber optic and Wi-Fi 6 mesh. Definitely not my Wi-Fi. The response to my ticket was basically ‘our engineers are always working to improve, thanks”

Just installed today having failed to upload event error too. My internet is fine, my 5 other wyze cameras that are on the same ssid and AP work just fine.

I’m adding to this thread as well because I’m hoping for a solution. I just installed my doorbell, and everything is working except for this error. Detection and notifications, as well as Live view, all work fine. I get the error when I try and watch an event recording. The wifi signal is strong, and multiple other cams on the same network are working without issue.

Same here. Installed today. Keep getting error 06 when trying to look at playback. Live view works fine and other previously installed cameras work fine. Emailed support but didn’t get much help. They said to log out of the app and log back in. If that doesn’t work send them a log or they can offer a refund. I’ve done a lot of reading tonight and it seems they have been having a lot of issues with these doorbells since they launched and no quick fixes. Might have to take the refund and go back to another company for a doorbell. I was hoping to have all my cameras on the same app.

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Same issue here:

Failed to upload event. Check wifi connection

I figure I’ll give them a couple of days to see how this plays out before I package mine back up.


UPDATE: Removing the doorbell from CamPlus has fixed it! I am now able to view new recordings.

I read an update on the Reddit site yesterday that said the issue we’re experiencing is fixed by removing the device from the CamPlus membership. Multiple people have responded saying that had fixed the problem for them. I just removed my doorbell from CamPlus, and I’m going to do some testing.

This is still happening to me. Anyone else?

Seems to have resolved itself after a few days.

Mine is working now also.

I’m still getting “connection failed” 2/3 of the time… I have to retry several times to get into the doorbell cam.