Doorbell Issues?

Anyone else having MAJOR issues? I can’t playback at all. Motion events missing, freezes all the time. ERROR GETTING CLOUD VIDEO message left and right. WTF?!

The doorbell does not have “playback”, as most other Wyze cams do with local storage that the other cams have . Are you missing events because they arnt triggering? Or saving? Or saving and disappearing? Any power or wifi issues? What’s your setup?


They don’t seem to all be triggering or saving. They are missing from my timeline. Also, playback in general is VERY poor. I hit play and nothing happens for minutes. The only way to see the videos is to download them. Most of the time I hit the download icon nothing happens. It takes over 10 tries. I get a lot of “failed to download” and “failed to get video from cloud” error messages.

I am just running one bell at the moment. Standard 2 bell setup. There doesn’t see to be any wifi issues or power issues. LIVE always works for example.

I installed the doorbell as instructed replacing a Ring 2 and it would not light up. I used the fuse wire properly, checked the wiring, stripped the insulation and re-wired a couple of times with no luck. I re-installed the Ring Doorbell and have no issues with it. I messaged Wyze to return the doorbell for a refund and have received only an automated email message that they are vwry busy. There is only a 30 day window to return, so I need to hear from them soon. I am on hold now for over 20 minutes after trying their chat system with no luck, even though they say that is quicker. NOT IMPRESSED WITH WYZE!!

I will wait to buy a video doorbell, maybe when VDB v2 comes out.

I did get through to a tech on their customer service line and for some unknown reason he can’t look up the ticket number and sent me a new ticket number and wanted me to go find the email with the order number and paste it into the new email. He hung up when I was exasperated and still did not respond to the email after I copied everything into it and sent it to him. I called again later and waited on hold again for an hour until an automated voice came on and said nobody was available and hung up again. Ridiculous!!