Wired doorbell is garbage

Had nonstop issues with doorbell, not connecting, (less than 10 feet from router), unable to retrieve video of events, attempts to reset the camera did nothing, and eventually just was stuck with an incessant 'ready to connect ’ went a few months and thought maybe i just had a defective product, and bought a new one. Day 2 and I am experiencing the same unable to retrieve video errors on all events. I think it’s time to find a company that can make a decent product…

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Sorry your having issues with your doorbell, that can be very annoying. I don’t work for Wyze, but am a community volenteer. There are many happy customers using this doorbell, so it’s strange that yours is not.

Have you checked your router out? How old is it, and did the ISP give it to you? Are you aware of it’s device limit? What’s your upload and download speed?

Thanks in advance, hope we can get this figured out for you!

The posters here are very kind. That being said don’t waste hours and hours trying to get your doorbell working. This is a known problem that’s gone on for months. It’s not your internet or your router, it happened with a software update. I went through this for weeks and weeks. Dozens of logs sent, texts, emails ,attempted phone calls and then did it all again. Wyze can’t or won’t fix this glitch they caused. You’ll waste a thousand dollars of time on a 50 dollar camera

The only issue with the doorbell I’m aware of is the live feed not loading sometimes. OP says they are unable to setup the doorbell, am I missing something?

The op said error codes when trying to see videos. I have the same issue video errors when trying to see videos. Error code 09. I tried every single thing. Finally cancelled cam plus.