Pro Doorbell Cam Error Code. Went through 2 so far

This is the second Wyze Doorbell Cam Pro I have gotten in 2 days and it will not stay connected, Will not Charge past 64% Will not update and everything is within 5 to 10 ft of each other if not side by side and I get the error code Failed to update -8 This is a $100 doorbell cam and I would appreciate some feed back as I have tried EVERYTHING recommended to fix it. I needed to buy cams because my neighbors and I can’t even record with the cam. The doorbell works though, just not the cam and it says it’s off line all the time now. Would appreciate a timely response as I am about to take this one back, if they let me that is. I might just be out $100 now.
Thank you

@denisetarr.sgjc - this is indicative of a wifi connection failure. Hard to recover from without deleting db cam from the app, reinstalling (which you may have to do a factory reset). Remove sdcard if you inserted one. Make sure phone and db cam are on the same 2.4ghz network.

You may just have a defective db cam and hopefully still within warranty that you can create a ticket in support and get a replacement. I didn’t see any previous post, so maybe you can post what troubleshooting you have tried and if any redundant to my suggestions.

I have literally tried everything and this is the second one. I took the other one back and exchanged it for a new one and the same thing happened. There is no way there is an issue with the wifi (or at least there shouldn’t be. Both chime and doorbell are within 10ft of the router. I Have has both the chim and the camera right next to the router as well and still nothing. What happens is, it works for a few hours and then it doesn’t work anymore. So it’s either a defective model ( because I have gone through 2) or the firmware is needing a bug fixed. I did speak with customer support and they are trying to work on the issue. I am half tempted to take it back at this point. I have been without my camera for 3 days now. Paid $100 and can’t even get use out of it. My other cameras are further away and get signal fine. There is no reason this should be an issue. That being said. I am being patient. But am thinking of just going and getting a different model

Doorbell Pro and you did/did not connect existing wiring? Using battery for power? If connected to existing wiring, can you tell me the transformer power rating, 16/10, 16/30 or 24/40? Your chime is a separate plugin chime to outlet. The doorbell press ring and chime ring are functions of the internal workings of the doorbell separate from the camera operations of the doorbell that are wifi dependent. You are not getting phone notifications, correct? Do you get any functions from the Wyze app for the doorbell?

I’m still going to point to wifi connection issues until I find out more from my ?'s above. Be patient and I’ll troubleshoot with you until defective doorbell is conclusion.