Doorbell pro wont connect despite reset

My doorbell pro has been with me for over a year now, and about two months ago it stopped sending notifications. When I attempt to do a LIVE VIEW, I receive a message stating “Error code: 20004”. After following the instructions to reset the camera, the issues was fixed but only for a few days. Despite resetting the camera again, the same issues persist, and resetting it now does not resolve the issue at all. I am still unable to connect. It says the firmware is up to date (version 1.0.73) and the signal strength is strong. I also have five other Wyze cameras inside and outside my home, and they have been working fine with no issues. I have no idea what may be causing the problem, I am completely at a loss. Has anyone had this issue or know how to fix it?

Mine too! It started early in the month!! Showed error 20004. I requested a replacement before our 1 year manufacturing warranty expired at the end of July. Now I cant get my new one to connect. It says its connected but shows error 20005. So frustrating!